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The War on Language, Common Sense, & Dignity

The American public, in general, is not often tuned in to foreign policy. It takes a lot sometimes to get our attention—like airplanes plowing into buildings. It would benefit us, however, to constantly stay on top of this president’s foreign policy because it is so dangerous to the future of the country. As I’ve mentioned more times than I can count, President Obama not only doesn’t believe in a War on Terror, he doesn’t even want to believe in it…. Read more »

Islam in Obamaworld

I touched briefly yesterday on the administration’s decision to close American embassies for one week due to the rising threat level, at least according to the latest intelligence. I also questioned how effective that move could be, given that the terrorists only had to wait until those embassies reopen to carry out whatever deeds they have planned. If this was conceived as a policy for dealing with terrorism, it seems to be rather short-sighted. What will it accomplish overall? Of… Read more »

Snowden & the NSA: My Perspective

The War on Terror is not over. The decision to close U.S. embassies throughout the Middle East and North Africa, while controversial, points to the fact that documented threats exist. They always will. Just look at the number of countries where the embassies will be closed for the entire week: There is bipartisan support for this move, as both Democrats and Republicans have gone on record in favor of taking this precaution. On the conservative side, there are mixed reviews…. Read more »

The Dedicated Remnant

In case you missed this important announcement a couple of weeks ago from President Obama, let me remind you of it right now: the War on Terror is over! We’ve won! The threats have diminished to the point where we can officially declare it passé. I’m glad to be the bearer of such good news. Well, let’s be serious now. For a war to be over, both sides must agree it is over: Anyone who believes that Muslim radicalism is… Read more »

Needed: Another Ronald Reagan Moment

The third, and final, presidential debate is tonight, and the topic is foreign policy. Most Americans, apparently, find the topic of lesser interest than domestic policy, yet is has a direct impact not only on pocketbook issues but our very survival as a nation. I guess what I’m saying is that we ought to be intensely interested in what transpires overseas. America has always been affected by the ideologies and actions of foreign nations. In our first decade, with George… Read more »

A History of Denying Reality

Tonight is debate night. The topic is domestic policy. I almost wish the first debate would be on foreign policy because that has forced its way into the forefront lately. A number of things have occurred nearly simultaneously. The biggest event, of course, was the attack on our consulate in Libya that led to the murder of six Americans, one of whom was our ambassador to that country. We now know the consulate had been begging the administration for greater… Read more »

The Case Against Barack Obama: The Summary & a Challenge

All week I’ve detailed the reasons why Barack Obama should not remain as president. Today, let me summarize and talk about the electoral challenge before us. As I said in the first post, one must begin at the beginning—a person’s worldview. His supporters usually try to skip over this, but it is the essence of the man. It consists of one part false Christianity, one part Marxism, and one part anti-Western civilization. The combination is lethal for the country because… Read more »