An Obama Review

Every once in a while, in the midst of a heated campaign, we need to be reminded that we have a president already who is doing his best to ruin the country. As we wind the clock down on the Obama years, there will be many reviews of what has occurred during his two terms. May I begin that review today?

Let’s start with the economy, which was rather broken when he took office. He immediately rushed into that arena and made matters much worse.

They'll Get Full

How does a nation go from $9 trillion in debt to about $20 trillion in seven years? Most would have thought that impossible, but Obama has achieved it.

Then there was his signature piece of legislation: Obamacare. As state exchanges collapse and major insurers start a stampede for the door (e.g., United Healthcare), I think it’s about time to make a judgment on the efficacy of that radical makeover of the healthcare system:

Obamacare Coyote

That probably illustrates its status as well as anything I’ve seen lately.

We’ve also become rather confused morally and culturally in the Obama years, from same-sex marriage to acceptance of transgenderism. Obama himself has been the chief cheerleader toward his image of a Brave New World.

Seven Years

Hey, we’re now free to “self-identify” as anything we choose to be. Perhaps we can extend that philosophy to the rest of creation also:


If you think that’s ridiculous, just take a moment and ponder how ridiculous it would have seemed if, seven years ago, we had been told that we would now have people boycotting North Carolina because the state took a stand on men and women using their own separate bathrooms. Would you have believed it?

With the total destruction of our societal norms and the basic Biblical worldview that used to inform it, we can add the rise of ISIS (due to a rapid and disastrous pullout in Iraq), the marginalization of Israel, and Obama’s cozying up to to communist dictators (just to mention a few of the international messes he has created). I can understand why he might want to divert our attention elsewhere:

Change the Twenty

Nothing can be more important than changing the face on the twenty-dollar bill, right? For the record, I don’t mind Andrew Jackson being removed; he’s not on my list of favorite presidents. And while I might have other worthy suggestions for his replacement other than Harriet Tubman, I have no problem with a brave Republican woman who helped undermine the slave system being recognized instead.

How to summarize the Obama administration thus far?

Work Here Is Done

I sincerely hope he’s done with his “accomplishments.”

How the World Sees Obama’s America

I admit to being overwhelmed today. How does anyone write about the continuing dramedy that is the Obama administration and still find the words to adequately describe his Land of Make Believe?

Two of his recent statements have thinking people wondering if rationality has left the universe. First, he asserted that on his watch the United States has once again become the most respected country in the world.

Reaction from the political cartoonists reflects how the world is responding to that assertion:

Most Respected

Behind Us

Does our president even live on the same planet as the rest of us?

Alternate Universe

Instead of respect, would another word be more appropriate?


Anyone remember Rodney Dangerfield, the comedian who always said he never got any respect? One cartoonist does:

How the World Sees

Then, as if he hadn’t lost enough respect, President Obama, at the G7 Summit, declared he still doesn’t have a complete strategy to defeat ISIS. He blamed the Iraqi government and the Pentagon. When one Pentagon official heard this, he was beside himself, noting that the military chiefs have presented Obama with a number of strategies. He just can’t make up his mind.

Another Beheading

He’s clear on one thing, though:

Met the Enemy

Even if I set aside all my disagreements with him on his worldview (pro-abortion, promoting same-sex marriage, taking over the healthcare system, etc., etc.) it is painfully obvious, purely on the practical level, this man is not up to the office he holds.

This is the worst presidency in American history.

Obama: Everything’s So Much Better Now

President Obama made some astounding statements in a speech yesterday, claiming that he has rescued the economy and that the United States is now the most respected nation in the world because of his foreign policy.

Well, that kind of covers the whole ground, doesn’t it?

It’s also ludicrous.

Yes, the stock market is booming, but keen analysts worry it’s another one of those artificial bubbles. When they break, things go sour quickly. And the GDP this last quarter actually contracted, meaning negative growth. Well, that had to be the weather that caused it. The Soviet Union used that excuse for seventy years.

Yes, the unemployment rate is now at its lowest point in the Obama years, but that doesn’t take into account the unprecedented number of people who have dropped out of the workforce (which naturally lowers the percentage of unemployed) because they can’t find the jobs they want. No worry, the government has taken measures to ensure they will be taken care of.

Obamacare is an ongoing disaster, hopefully to be put to rest by the Supreme Court very soon.

Then there’s that little matter of doubling the national debt in a mere six years, an achievement no other president has ever been able to accomplish. The fact that we have any economic growth at all is due to entrepreneurs marching forward in spite of this administration’s attempts to drown us in red ink.


We’re no longer involved in wars? Fantasyland again. One can pull out troops and declare a war is over, but that doesn’t stop the other side from continuing the war. Iraq is ready to crumble; Afghanistan is heading the same direction; the entire Middle East is ablaze while our president does virtually nothing.

What is he bequeathing to his successor?

Laying the Foundation

By all rational standards of measure—which is not how Obama measures things—we are in far worse shape on his watch than we have ever been, both in domestic policy and foreign affairs. His stature in the world is not what it was when he began, when the whole world seemed awash in his “hope and change” rhetoric.


Another indicator that things are not as he believes is the rush on the Republican side to replace him. Republicans know most of the country now sees through his spin.

Presidential Derby

The choice to be made by Republicans for their presidential nominee is one of the most crucial in my lifetime. May wisdom prevail.

Alternate Realities

Let’s make today “Catch Up Day” in Obamaworld and Clintonworld. In case you’re not sure what those are, those are alternate realities, outside the realm of what the rest of us experience.

If you watch the news, you know that the reporters are almost breathless over the drop in the unemployment rate. Why, it’s only 5.4% now, so Obama’s policies must be working. What they ignore, of course, is the rising number of people no longer in the workforce; we’re at the lowest percentage in decades. This is hardly a robust economy, but they do their best to make it seem as if it is:

It Moved

After all, we’re only in year six of Obamaworld. We have to give his policies time to work, right?

He’s also done his best to heal the racial problems and promote equality:

What Everyone Says

Then there’s his rather unique approach to foreign policy, which he views a little differently than most:

How Nice

If this disturbs you, there is another opportunity in 2016 to choose a new president. You can always opt for Hillary Clinton, who is very charitable:

Charity Begins

Well, at least she’s family-centered.

And don’t worry about those tiny little scandals. I’m sure there’s nothing to them, and there won’t be any new ones to arise:

Other Shoe

If such minor things bother you, all you have to do is ask her about them. She’s promised to be open and honest about everything.

One Question

That’s my Obamaworld and Clintonworld report for today. There will be more to come, you can be sure.

The President’s Magic Beans

That sort of, kind of beginning of some type of understanding upon which some future agreement might be based—otherwise known as the Iran “deal”—seems to be falling apart, if indeed there ever was anything to fall apart to begin with. It’s as if the Obama administration got a little ahead of itself. No surprise there. They tend to overlook some genuine concerns about dealing with Iran in their haste to achieve something they consider historic.

Fine Print

This so-called deal allows Iran to keep its underground facility that no one has been allowed to inspect. Neither are snap inspections part of the “understanding,” thereby letting Iran prepare for any inspection by covering up anything that’s really going on.


Then they try to sell this to Americans as a bargain that just can’t be passed up. Look what a great deal we have made!

Magic Beans

Don’t worry, we’re told. We’ll keep a close watch on the Iranians so they won’t cheat. And if they do, well then . . . um, well, what then? Might that not be a little too late?

Captain Obvious

Then President Obama has the audacity to criticize Gov. Scott Walker on his lack of understanding of foreign policy. Let’s examine the results of Obama’s foreign policy.

My Foreign Policy

I think we understand it pretty well. It’s hard to miss.

The Iran Fantasy

If you are tired of hearing about Iran and the “deal” now being negotiated with that terrorist nation, I apologize up front. You may now go to another website and revel in recipes, entertainment news, or other such essential topics for your day. Staving off a nuclear attack on America is obviously not something you want to think about. Don’t let it bother you; go ahead and concentrate on what’s really important.

For the rest of you, let’s have some straight talk. I’ve written rather extensively on what I perceive of President Obama’s fantasyland picture of the world. With respect to his views on other nations, this has now come to the forefront, and it’s on the verge of hurting us in ways we thought incomprehensible earlier. What was only a vague threat before has now become stark reality.

If you never realized it before, you have to come face-to-face with the fact that this president loathes Israel and its leader, yet somehow thinks that Iran and its leaders, even when they tweet out “Death to America,” are somehow trustworthy. This is a fantasyland beyond the pale. To what can this be compared? Providing Hitler with secrets to the atomic bomb? Giving the Soviet Union access to national security documents? It boggles the mind.

Yet what does the news media concentrate on? A letter written by Republican senators telling Iran that agreements must be approved by the Congress, a simple declaration of how our constitutional form of government is supposed to work. For making this public statement, those senators are pilloried by many Obama apologists. Yet what danger did that letter introduce? Again, let’s be honest about the real problem:

Which Is Worse

Yet the Obama-Kerry initiative seems oblivious to that real threat. Their perception of Iran is somewhat skewed, to say the least:


As in the movie The Wizard of Oz we’re supposed to ignore what’s behind the curtain, so to speak:

Teeny Weeny

President Obama, not only by his insistence on finalizing this deal, but by his overall foreign policy, has put his country on the edge of a cliff, as if it were his goal all along to destroy us. Is that his real intent, or is he just that foolish, blinded by his ideology? Either way, we’re in the worst shape with regard to national security than we have ever been, and I say that as a historian of American history with a lot of research on the Cold War under my belt. So that’s saying a lot.

Former vice president Dick Cheney has publicly called Obama the worst president in his lifetime. To be fair and balanced, I feel I must offer the other side’s view as well:


I report, you decide.

Obama’s Missteps in the Muslim World

Step back for a moment and survey the upheaval in the Muslim world in the last few years and contemplate the policies of the Obama administration toward the changes that have taken place. What you will see is a consistent pattern—not a successful policy, mind you—that reveals the worldview of our president.

Let’s start with Egypt. Hosni MubarakHosni Mubarak, who had ruled that country since the early 1980s, was forcibly removed from power. Now, he certainly wasn’t a wonderful leader, in the sense that we would have wanted someone like him as our president, but he at least was an ally of the United States and continued the policy of openness toward Israel begun by his predecessor, Anwar Sadat, allowing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which believes Israel must be destroyed, helped stir up the citizens to remove Mubarak; the demonstrations led to his abdication of authority. The new Brotherhood leader then looked the other way as Christians and their churches were attacked; some were martyred and churches were burned. The country was falling into chaos until the military stepped in and ousted the Brotherhood.

What was President Obama’s response throughout all of this? He supported Mubarak’s removal and the installation of the Brotherhood. He then was dismayed when the Brotherhood lost its power. Now Egypt doesn’t even consult with America when it decides to take action in the Middle East, something unheard of previously. Its leaders just don’t trust Obama.

What about Libya?Moammar Qaddafi The strongman there for decades, who originally took over in a military coup, was Moammar Qaddafi. He was a tyrant. Ronald Reagan included Libya under Qaddafi as one of most destabilizing and dangerous countries in the world. Of Qaddafi, Reagan once quipped, “He’s not only a barbarian, he’s flaky.” And Reagan was right.

Yet Qaddafi at least could be cowed into backing off of his most outrageous ventures. Reagan bombed Libya and Qaddafi then pretty much stopped bankrolling terrorists. When George Bush invaded Iraq, Qaddafi concluded the better part of discretion was to halt his research into weapons of mass destruction. He didn’t want a U.S. invasion of his country.

It certainly was understandable to support the overthrow of Qaddafi when disgruntled elements in Libya rose up against him. But questions should always be asked: what will follow a deposed leader, and will it be an improvement or will things be even worse? We found out quickly: the Benghazi atrocity, the rise of the Islamists, and now even the takeover of Tripoli. Last week, we witnessed video of Islamists partying at a former CIA residence, even diving into the pool. This is an acute embarrassment for the U.S.

Obama’s policy toward Libya was to support Qaddafi’s ouster by using bombing raids, then allowing the radicals to take control. Again, there was little thought as to the consequences.

Bashar al-AssadHe repeated that scenario in Syria, which is ruled by Bashar al-Assad. He’s a barbarian as well. One can imagine support for taking him out. Yet, again, who exactly is the opposition? The nucleus of that opposition has turned out to be what we now call ISIS. Assad remains in power, yet it is clear that Obama’s sympathies lie with the opposition, regardless of the presence of terrorists in their midst. Wherever ISIS has taken power—now in a portion of Iraq—Christians have suffered the most.

The ISIS base of operations is in Syria, but the president has, remarkably, no plan for dealing with this terrorist organization. How do we know? He said so in a press conference last week. That even had liberal supporters wondering what’s going on in his head.

Projecting Weakness

Personally, I don’t mind anyone wearing a tan suit, but what occurred here was nearly inconceivable: some in the media focused more on his choice of sartorial splendor than the substance—or lack thereof—of his statement:

It's Empty

Does he recall that ISIS has declared it wants to raise its flag over the White House? Does he have any concept of what leadership entails? Have his sympathies for supposed oppressed peoples led to an ideological blindness that could have dire consequences for all of us?

No Strategy Yet

If one were to ask if Obama even believes there are real terrorists out to destroy America, I’m afraid this is the answer we might get:


And while he does believe evil exists, he has strange ideas about the sources of evil:

Does Evil Exist

I’ve said this many times, but it bears repeating now: we are in deep trouble with this man occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He can’t be removed until 2017, but we can take a major step in reversing his reign of error this November. We have a responsibility to do so.