Mission: Impeachable

The House Managers and the
Historic Impeachment of President Clinton

by K. Alan Snyder

Mission: ImpeachableDuring President William Jefferson Clinton’s second term in office, a small band of Republican Congressmen, the House Managers, sought to convince the Senate to remove him from office. They told the nation that the President had committed crimes, that the Constitution had been violated. The press and the pundits ridiculed their actions. The nation balked. Now the country is asking itself, were they right after all?

Mission: Impeachable reveals the truth about the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. This book is the first to look at the impeachment from the perspective of the House Managers. With first-hand interviews and inside information, it shows the courageous actions taken by the House Managers and provides a sweeping defense of them and their cause. It also shows how, against intense media scrutiny, the House Managers staked their political futures on the importance of the rule of law.

Snyder answers questions:

  • Why did Congressman Henry Hyde and the House Managers seek to impeach President Clinton?
  • Was it for political advancement?
  • Were their actions based on partisanship or constitutional principles?
  • Are they heroes or heretics of the American way?
  • Did they protect the best interests of the nation, or of their party?

This is the first published work to give the House Managers an opportunity to give their side of the story, the story of a President who violated the good faith and trust of the United States Constitution.

Chapter Titles:

  1. Why Impeachment?
  2. Henry Hyde: Let Right Be Done
  3. Bob Barr: Pugnacity and Principle
  4. Ed Bryant: The Need for Accountability
  5. Steve Buyer: Combating the Double Standard
  6. Charles Canady: The Integrity of the Constitutional System
  7. Chris Cannon: Justice Denied
  8. Steve Chabot: Doing His Duty
  9. George Gekas: Meeting the Challenges
  10. Lindsey Graham: The Quotable Manager
  11. Asa Hutchinson: The Other Man from Arkansas
  12. Bill McCollum: For the Record
  13. James Rogan: Principle above Politics–Honor above Incumbency
  14. James Sensenbrenner: Taking a Stand
  15. Election 2000
  16. Principle or Partisanship?

Ordering Information:

Mission: Impeachable is out of print now, but you may order a copy from the author for $15.00, which includes shipping. Inquire about ordering and quantity pricing by e-mailing alan@ponderingprinciples.com. You may also locate copies for sale at eBay or Amazon.com.

Mission: Impeachable
ISBN 1-931-232-11-3
Copyright © 2001 by K. Alan Snyder
Xulon Press
Hard Cover, 425 pages

Praise for Snyder’s Mission: Impeachable

“Historians a century from now will turn to this book to understand more about the personalities and principles of the House Managers.”
Marvin Olasky,
Senior Fellow, Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty

“Snyder’s research is impeccable. His access to those with the best information on what really happened and his understanding of the process makes this an invaluable work. It’s worthy of a Pulitzer nomination.”
Jerry Seper
National News Desk, The Washington Times

“The House Managers are vindicated! This book is a must read if you want to know what really happened during Bill Clinton’s impeachment.”
Christopher Ruddy,
Author: The Strange Death of Vincent Foster and President/CEO of NewsMax.com

“Here’s the book many of us have been waiting for-the one that proclaims the House Managers as heroes, and recounts their courageous actions in carrying out their Constitutional duties.”
Joseph Farah,
CEO and Editor WorldNetDaily.com

Let right be done! With those words, lead House Manager Henry Hyde urged the U.S. Senate to convict and remove from office President William Jefferson Clinton, impeached by the U.S House of Representatives for perjury and obstruction of justice in February 1999. In this book, coming over a year after the first impeachment trial in American history of an elected U.S. President, the author reviews the heroic efforts of the 13 House Managers to do their constitutional duty and present their case against the President to the Senate for final judgment.

“Each manager was interviewed about their personal and political careers prior to impeachment and how that influenced their approach to it. Then the author followed with what role each manager played in the impeachment inquiry in the House Judiciary Committee as well as before the full House, quoting liberally from their statements in the Congressional Record. Each manager then reflected on their participation in this historic event and its effect on the current and future political scene of our country and the rule of law.

“All in all, the book flowed nicely, sprinkled with quotes from Clinton supporters as well. I highly recommend this book to those interested in the Clinton impeachment from the personal perspective of those who were most familiar with the evidence and prosecuted what some have referred to as the trial of the 20th century.”
Amazon.com reviewer