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Journal Articles and Papers by K. Alan Snyder

Following is a list of my articles on different aspects of history and government from a Christian point of view.

Book Reviews by K. Alan Snyder

  • Alger Hiss: Why He Chose Treason, Christina Shelton, Social Science and Modern Society, 2013
  • Whittaker Chambers: The Spirit of a Counterrevolutionary, Richard M. Reinsch II, Social Science and Modern Society, 2011
  • On Faith and Free Government, Daniel C. Palm, ed., Christian Scholar’s Review, 1998
  • Chesapeake Bay in the American Revolution, E.M. Eller, ed., Journal of Historical Studies, 1982

Newspaper Articles by K. Alan Snyder

Guides to Army Corps of Engineers Papers by K. Alan Snyder

  • A Guide to Records for the Study of WWII Temporary Buildings
  • Annual Historical Review [1984-1988]
  • United States Army Engineer Center, Fort Belvoir
  • Guides to Personal Papers Collections:
    • Gen. Hugh J. Casey Papers
    • Gen. William Black Papers
    • Howard Cook Papers
    • Gail Hathaway Papers
    • Arthur Maass Papers