The Week in Review

For today, how about a quick review of this week’s highlights? Or are they lowlights? You decide.

A Texas federal judge stayed Obama’s executive order granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. This was a jolt to the president, who has been very consistent throughout his presidency on this issue:

It's Illegal

Will he stand for this affront to his executive authority?

Banning Judicial

Then we had State Department spokesvalleygirl Marie Harf offering her solution for Islamic terrorism—all they need is jobs!

Root Causes

I can see the plea now:


This “solution” appeared while President Obama was holding his “Violent Extremism” summit that never once acknowledged something called Islamic violent extremism:


Joe Biden couldn’t keep himself out of the news as he prepares his barrel-ride-over-Niagara Falls presidential campaign. Standing behind the wife of Ash Carter at his swearing-in as the new secretary of defense, Biden, shall we say, took the spotlight off the ceremony:

Joe Biden Awkward

I’m sure this has created a groundswell of support for him among the Democrat electorate:


But certainly the most important event of the week—surpassing executive orders, jobs for jihadis, an extremism summit, and the latest Biden embarrassment—has to be this one:


That has to warm the heart of every ordinary dog and/or person. There’s hope for us all.

Defining “Feckless”

I watch the news and am appalled by the twin threats that face our national security: the increasing boldness of Islamic terrorism and the feckless policies of the Obama administration. In case you’re not sure about the definition of feckless, let me help: ineffective; incompetent; futile; having no sense of responsibility; indifferent; lazy. Does that cover it?

Blue Skies

Personally, I think our president bears a certain resemblance to another historical figure:

DC Burning

Maybe the only difference is that Nero was deliberately behind the burning of Rome. That can’t be Obama’s goal, of course . . . Well, come to think of it, perhaps it’s a perfect comparison. Either that or what I have come to call it on occasion—willful ignorance:

All This Fuss

Now we have the spokesman for the Pentagon saying we deplore the Egyptian air strikes on ISIS. You see, that’s not the way to solve this; it must be a political solution. That statement comes right on the heels of the State Department spokeswoman saying that if we could only provide enough jobs for people, they wouldn’t become terrorists:

Lack of Jobs

Beneath all this foolishness is the unwillingness to understand that Islamic terrorists don’t see the world in the same way as Westerners do (or did). Jobs are not their big concern; being faithful to their fanatical beliefs is. They are motivated by a religious fantasy fueled by hatred. No job is going to change that.

But we go our merry way, ignoring reality:

Refused to Cry Wolf

Yes, a huge chunk has been taken out of Western civilization. Pretty soon, it’s going to be hitting much closer to home. Many of us look forward to the 2016 elections in the hope of changing our government’s policies. The big question, though, is whether, by 2016, it will be too late to do anything. Will those policies have undermined us completely by then?

And despite all that is happening, President Obama’s latest approval rating is 50%. Are half of our citizens really that foolish? I fear that’s the case.

Islamic Terrorism Continues

The Islamists continue their war against the West while our president concentrates on the ultimate security threat—in his mind—global warming. Over the weekend we saw two more atrocities, one more publicized than the other.

The one that got the most coverage was in Copenhagen, Denmark, where a Muslim gunman murdered two and wounded others in two separate attacks. The first was at a debate over free speech, the second at a Jewish synagogue. All of central Copenhagen was shut down during the manhunt. He was found and killed.

Copenhagen Gunman

Two others have now been identified as accomplices and arrested.

The other horrific event was another ISIS video, this time from Libya, of the beheading of up to 21 Coptic Christians who had been taken hostage.

Beheading Christians

As you can see by the caption put out by ISIS, these men are called “the people of the cross, the followers of the hostile Egyptian Church.” What Christians are going to have to realize is that the Islamists consider all of us as enemies and believe they are tasked by Allah to rid the world of all enemies. A far cry from the charge Jesus gave His disciples to go into all the nations and preach the Gospel of reconciliation with God.

These kinds of atrocities have only begun. Meanwhile, we have an administration that tells us the media is “hyping” the problem. It’s strange to me that this particular administration, which has been the darling of the media all along, should now be accused of “hyping” a real threat. If anything, from my point of view, it continues to downplay the truly horrific nature of what is occurring.

No matter what you may think of the Bush administration’s response to terrorism, it wasn’t the bankrupt policy we see now. How would President Obama have handled 9/11?

Stop Hyping

Our president chooses to ignore the threat because of his latent sympathies with Islam. He pretends it’s not really a big problem, but the Great Pretender may have to come to grips with it when another act—or a wave—of terrorism comes to our shores. In fact, I predict it will. I just hope it’s not on his watch because his response might simply be one word: surrender.

Welcome to the New Wonderland

I’ve been devoting more time than usual to national security and the threats that face us as a nation. It’s not that I want to do so; events are driving the commentary.

The latest from the Middle East is that the fallen Yemen government—you know, the one that Obama touted as a model for our great success in the War on Terror war on random acts of violence—has not only been deposed, but an Iranian-backed terrorist group has taken control. Yesterday, we not only evacuated our embassy, but the Marines were given orders to destroy all weapons, so they wouldn’t fall into the hands of the new “government.”

This comes on the heels of the news that another American hostage, this time a young woman of 26 and apparently a genuine Christian, Kayla Mueller, was killed by ISIS. Or should we not talk about such things? Are we just hyping a small problem into a major one?


No worries. Our president has gone to Congress for authorization to wage war against ISIS. Don’t look too closely at the details of this call for authorization; it has a time limit of three years and doesn’t allow for any contingency for the use of ground troops because, as we all know, one of his key pledges was to not get the U.S. “bogged down” in another ground war—regardless of what might be necessary to defeat an enemy. Yes, let’s undermine the whole “war” thing from the start; it’s simply too messy to get involved.

I Want You

At least Obama isn’t limiting himself in the Middle East only; he’s also turning his back on the Ukrainians as they try to defend themselves against Russian aggression. Consistency—what a wonderful trait.

Giving a Hand

Those with a libertarian bent might be concerned about my seeming call to war. Let me be clear (to quote our current leader): war is a last resort, but how long are we going to allow terrorism to flourish? This is not only a Middle Eastern issue; it affects us all eventually. Is there nothing we’re willing to stand strong for anymore? Are we now willing accomplices in our own destruction?

So instead of being serious about the Islamic threat, and not even evidencing a willingness to call it what it is, what do we get? A dire warning that climate change is our greatest security issue. Huh?

Urgent Threat

Our president is going to make sure he doubles down on our real enemies:


Alice in Wonderland depicts a more realistic view of the world than the one Barack Obama lives in.

Will We Learn From History?

Unwillingness to confront Islamic terrorism and call it what it is hit new depths yesterday as both the White House and the State Department put on a comedy performance unequaled since . . . well, since the last time our president said something about it.

Faced with the absolute fact that the Paris attacks were Islamic terrorism and that one of the targets, a Jewish deli, was hit precisely because it was Jewish, the spokespeople for this administration adamantly refused to say the motive was to kill Jews. If you get the chance to listen to the verbal twistings of Josh Earnest, in particular, you will come away amazed and rather sickened by the obfuscation.

Then, to make the comedy routine complete, they later tweeted that of course this was anti-Semitism, and that’s what they have been saying all along. Really? What about the press conferences you just completed, where you refused to say it? They’re still relying on the meme that you can fool some of the people all of the time. Unfortunately, they are right.

Incidentally, in case there is any question at all, the attacker at the deli stated, for the record and prior to being killed himself, that his aim had been to kill some Jews.

Only someone who is ideologically blind can fail to understand what’s really happening. That explains a lot.


Even though he can’t bring himself to identify this terrorism with Islam, he does attempt to make distinctions, nonsensical though they may be:


But he does pride himself on his deep knowledge of religious matters.

Theologican in Chief

He’s not alone, of course. He has a staunch ally:

Radical Christians

How can this absurdity continue? Well, there are a number of factors in play, and they say a lot about our society at this time:

Three Parent Baby

Last week, the administration came up with its “strategy” to tackle world problems. Obama sent out Susan Rice once again to play the fool (remember all her appearances to explain how a video caused Benghazi?). She said that we don’t face “existential” threats like we did back in WWII or the Cold War. The “strategy” then went on to focus on climate change as one of the biggest security threats we must deal with. ISIS? Don’t worry about that.

Well, Hitler wasn’t an “existential” threat to the United States in the 1930s, but he was allowed to strengthen to the point where he became one. Are we going to allow that to happen again?

Back Then

For those who don’t see the resemblance, here’s an illustration that might make it more clear:


Teaching history is what I do. One of the reasons I do it is the hope that we actually will learn from the past and not repeat policies that are foolish, unworkable, and downright dangerous.


Is anyone paying attention?

Obama’s Moral Equivalence Ploy

The tradition of the National Prayer Breakfast started during the Eisenhower administration with the encouragement of Billy Graham, who spoke at most of them at that time. President Eisenhower sought, in those crucial years when atheistic communism seemed to be in the ascendancy, to call the nation back to its Christian roots. Those were also the years when “In God We Trust” was added to our coins and “under God” was inserted into the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Breakfast was meant to be an occasion for reaffirming our basic Biblical beliefs as a nation. It was never intended to become a lightning rod for undermining those beliefs or diminishing their inherent value to a people. Yes, a civic religion, as such, is not sufficient for salvation. That’s fine—government was never meant to be our savior; only Jesus can take that title legitimately. But I see nothing wrong with calling government officials together to acknowledge our dependence on God. It can lead to saving faith for some if the message is clear.

National Prayer BreakfastMuch has been written and said about President Obama’s remarks at this year’s Breakfast. I waited a couple of days before adding my own. First, let me say in what sense I might agree with him. Certainly, anyone in the world, both now and throughout history, can hijack a religious tradition and do things in the name of that tradition that are abhorrent. That’s called free will; God doesn’t always intervene directly to stop human beings from being foolish and/or downright evil.

From that premise, I have no problem acknowledging that many have “used” the name of Christ for their own selfish purposes, whether to gain ecclesiastical or political power or to get rid of those they consider their enemies. So far, so good.

Here are the problems with the President’s remarks.

First, he offered them as a way of deflecting attention from the atrocities currently being committed by Islamists. It’s a standard ploy when you want to minimize the terrible actions of people you seek to support. Draw attention elsewhere. Kind of like “Look! Squirrel!”

Second, he attempted to turn the whole conversation into a “moral equivalence” argument. This is what some historians have done with the Cold War. They have tried to point out America’s sins and thereby downplay the actions of the Soviet Union in the struggle. They have argued that there really is no essential difference between the sides, i.e., they are the same morally. That analysis—if that word really can apply here—ignores the actions that started the Cold War, that forced the United States to take the actions it did to defend itself, and the evil inherent in the communist system.

CrusadersThird, he twisted some history to make the moral equivalence argument. Why did the Crusades take place? Could it perhaps have had something to do with the fact that Muslims, by military might and methods of forced conversion, took over most of the the territory where Christianity began? Could it possibly have been an attempt to take back that territory that had been grabbed unjustly? Could these Crusades have been initiated to help the beleaguered Christians living in a hostile environment?

Then there’s the Inquisition. Do I agree with what happened in the Inquisition? Of course not. It was the instrument used by the Church at one period in history to try to make sure no one upset the status quo. Did some people die in the Inquisition? Yes. Was it unjust? Yes. Did the inquisitors wipe out entire populations, rape the women, and kill all the children? No.

Then there was Obama’s linkage of Christianity to the support of slavery and segregation. Some people will always use their religious beliefs to bolster other things they want to believe. One thing he left out, though, is the crucial role Christians have played throughout history to rectify those inequities. All he sees is complicity because it bolsters his theme. He ignores the other side of the story. He also says nothing about where slavery exists today, largely in the Muslim world.

What we are witnessing in our day is a large-scale attempted genocide of any people group that stands in the way of Sharia law being imposed on the entire world. It is not, as the President says, only .1% of the Muslim population that favors jihad; in some countries, according to a recent survey, almost half the population finds jihadist terrorism acceptable.

And we have a president who now seems oblivious to the inherent evil of that system of belief and who has done virtually nothing to stop it from spreading. It’s not just Al Qaeda and ISIS. Iran’s rapid development of nuclear weapons comes with its development of intercontinental ballistic missile capability. Israel is not Iran’s only target; the United States is on that list as well. Yet, what seems to be President Obama’s chief concern?


By all means, let’s continue with the National Prayer Breakfast tradition. It has yielded some excellent speakers—Eric Metaxas, Ben Carson, Darrell Waltrip—who have boldly proclaimed Biblical truths. What we may need to do, though, for the remainder of this presidency, is to find the courage to decline the traditional invitation that allows the president to make remarks also. We would be better off as a nation if he didn’t say anything.

Never Say Never

I said most of what I wanted to say about our president’s willful blindness on Islamic terrorism in yesterday’s post. I was going to move on to another subject, but sometimes the political cartoons are just too good to allow that. Can’t leave these out.

First, the amazing doubletalk that continues to dazzle:


And if you need a guide to understand just how this administration thinks about terrorists, I can help you:

ID Chart

The Islamic radicals, which includes the state of Iran, really are no different than another radical from an earlier time who also wished to wipe out the Jewish people:

Never Again

You don’t think this can’t happen again? Time to wake up.