In Support of Israel–Unlike Our President

If anyone still retained any doubt about where President Obama stands on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, that doubt should be gone now. In his speech yesterday, the president actually called for Israel to return to its pre-1967 borders.

History reminder: in 1967, the nation of Israel fought the Six-Day War against its Arab “neighbors”—that term is more outlandish than descriptive. As a result of that war, this tiny country added more territory, which has caused great consternation in the Arab world ever since. Keep in mind, though, what Israel looked like prior to this war:

Notice that the width of Israel at one point was a grand total of nine miles. Tel Aviv was only eleven miles from its enemies, and Jerusalem was controlled by the Arabs, despite it being the ancient capital of the Jews.

The problem? The radicals who currently control the Palestinian territories want to kill every last Israeli. Even if Israel would agree to go back to those ludicrous borders that would wreak havoc with their defense, the radicals would not be satisfied. They are on record as saying nothing will satisfy them but the elimination of every Jew in the land.

We’re talking Hitler-style elimination here. We’re talking pure evil.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu rightly rejected Obama’s call to return to those borders. It will be interesting to see what comes of the meeting between the two today. Israel has reason to worry. It does not have a friend in the White House.

What is the source of this animus toward Israel by Obama? Keep in mind his twenty-plus years of attendance at Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s “church” in Chicago, a “church” that preaches a combination of unhistorical Afrocentrism and Marxist-inspired liberation theology. This is a “church” that has put declarations from Hamas in its bulletins on Sunday mornings. What does Hamas seek to do? Annihilate Israel.

Obama sees the Israelis as occupiers, and the Palestinians as the oppressed. Well, they certainly are oppressed, but I counter that the source of their oppression is their own so-called leadership.

Obama will mouth the right words about the right of Israel to defend itself, but his actions continually undermine any soothing words he may utter.

As an evangelical Christian, I support Israel because I believe Biblical history: God used this nation as His conduit for bringing the Truth and the Light of the gospel into this world. I also don’t believe He’s done working with this people.

But even if I weren’t an evangelical supporter—even if I were assessing this situation as a confirmed secularist—I would be alarmed at the attempt to undercut the one ally we have in the Middle East, and the only one that allows its people a real voice in their government. A Middle East without Israel would be a complete cesspool of radical Islamist tyranny.

We abandon Israel at the risk of turning the entire Middle East over to our worst enemies. When they are done with Israel, they will turn on us with an even greater invective than we have witnessed thus far.

We must stand by Israel at all costs.