The War on Language, Common Sense, & Dignity

The American public, in general, is not often tuned in to foreign policy. It takes a lot sometimes to get our attention—like airplanes plowing into buildings. It would benefit us, however, to constantly stay on top of this president’s foreign policy because it is so dangerous to the future of the country.

As I’ve mentioned more times than I can count, President Obama not only doesn’t believe in a War on Terror, he doesn’t even want to believe in it. This ideology leads him to say and do foolish things.

He refuses to link, verbally, Islam with terrorist actions. He calls an Islamic fanatic who kills soldiers at Ft. Hood a man who committed “workplace violence.” He’s quite enamored with the word “violence,” in a vague sort of way, hoping it is general enough to apply to those he and his media allies consider the real enemies:


He has withdrawn troops in Iraq and Afghanistan too readily, against the wishes of his military advisers, and we have reaped another Middle Eastern whirlwind with the rise of ISIS and the return of the Taliban. What kind of policy is that?

I Surrender

Yesterday, one of his spokesmen refused to call the Taliban a terrorist organization, despite the fact it was designated one more than a decade ago. It was awkward in the extreme to watch him hem and haw and fumble around when asked the question. We may no longer have a genuine War on Terror, but we do seem to have a War on the English Language and a War on Common Sense.

That reminds me. While all these terrorist activities ramp up, where does Obama go to share his message of “all is rainbows and butterflies”? To YouTube “stars” who get a lot of attention—like this one:

YouTube Star

This one, in particular, is “famous” for taking a milk bath with Fruit Loops, putting her face in the milk and eating them. Well, we wouldn’t want to lower the dignity of the office of the presidency now, would we? And just when I thought Bill Clinton had done that to an extent where it couldn’t go any lower. I was wrong.

President Obama has time to hobnob with fools like this, but not time to sit down with the prime minister of Israel, whom he says he will not meet when he comes to address Congress in March? What does Netanyahu have to do to get his attention?

Draw Bath

This presidency—and I say this as a professor of American history who has studied all presidencies—is the most destructive our nation has ever had to endure.

The Present Crisis

The intent of yesterday’s post was to ensure we understand that there have always been bad times in American history, and that we’ve been at the point of despair before. Our future as a nation is still open; the decisions we make now will determine our path.

Today I do want to emphasize the severity of our current problems, as a kind of counterpoint to yesterday’s hopeful thoughts. It’s important that we don’t put our heads in the sand, figuratively speaking. What are we facing right now, and how do these problems compare to previous ones? I’m going to provide what I consider to be the key list of issues with which we have to deal:

  • As a nation, we have never been this deep in debt. Credit agencies are threatening to lower America’s rating for dependability in paying our creditors. In just two and one-half years of the Obama administration, we’ve added $5 trillion in debt, rushing rapidly toward a grand total of $15 trillion. That means more than one-third of that debt has accumulated on Obama’s watch. Yet he doesn’t even seem to take it seriously. There’s no attempt on his part to cut back on the spending. Instead, he hopes to pass another stimulus and raise taxes.

  • We are going to burst through our debt ceiling in August unless we cut spending. But what solution do the Democrats offer? Keep raising the ceiling. It doesn’t work for governments any more than it does for individuals and families.

The logic used by the administration is fascinating:

  • The ideology behind Obama’s policies is more socialistic than anything proposed by FDR or LBJ. He has taken over one-sixth of the economy by ramming through a very unpopular and unconstitutional healthcare bill.
  • We are stuck in a recession that has similarities to the Great Depression. The housing market has now been declared worse than what we experienced in the 1930s. Obama’s socialist policies have undercut the free market, ruined small business, and kept unemployment high.
  • On the education front, he has taken steps to end school voucher programs, such as the one that was working well in Washington, DC, forcing poor children into awful government schools where they will learn virtually nothing. He is in the pocket of the educational establishment, which is more attuned to maintaining its stranglehold on education than achieving results. The NEA, in particular, has a political agenda perfectly in line with Obama’s ideology. Any attempt by conservatives to change this broken system is met with hysteria and hyperbole.

  • Culturally, we have degenerated to a place unparalleled in our history. Over fifty million unborn children have been murdered since 1973’s Roe v. Wade decision. Homosexuality, which was always considered a perversion of God’s gift of sex, is now being touted as a laudable lifestyle, no longer a choice but simply a genetic difference. Last week, New York’s legislature, pushed by Democrat Governor Cuomo and acquiesced in by enough Republicans, made homosexual marriage legal. The Rubicon has been crossed. Marriage itself is being trivialized and degraded. We have broken with Christian belief and tradition to our detriment.

  • The homosexual advance has become so dominant that it is difficult to watch television without finding a sympathetic homosexual character on a program. It’s an all-out assault on basic Biblical morality.
  • Speaking of morality, our political leaders have fallen short at a record pace lately. I don’t need to review all of the scandals; you know them. Anthony Weiner has become a classic symbol of all that is wrong with our moral compass.

  • When we turn to foreign policy, we see the United States practically laughed at in most of the world, the takedown of bin Laden being the exception to the rule. Few in other nations, friend or foe, take Obama seriously. He has become Israel’s worst nightmare. He’s now expanding that bad dream by sitting down and talking with the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, operating on the illusion that they have renounced violence. What a fantasy world! Both are dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the overthrow of Western civilization. This is a travesty of the highest order.

Have I forgotten anything really important? Possibly. I’m sure some of you could add to the list. Taken all together, this set of problems may signal the worst crisis we have ever faced as a nation. We could be on the verge of falling apart completely, morally and politically.

An essential part of the solution is to rid ourselves of the current political leadership, but that’s only a part of the solution. There is a more foundational need. That’s my subject for tomorrow.

Place the Blame Where It Belongs

Rev. Terry Jones, the Florida pastor of a tiny church of “let’s burn a Koran” fame, finally decided to do it. He burned one Koran. Word somehow got out to Afghanistan where the natural response of an Islamic mob was to attack the UN headquarters and begin killing people. It was not just a one-day affair; it might be continuing still. At least two of the people killed were beheaded.

Somehow, because of that pastor, the United States has become their enemy, as you can see in this photo:

Forget for now that we freed them from the Taliban and allowed them to set up their own government [yes, I know fraud runs rampant in that government, but that’s not our doing]. Simply because one man on the opposite side of the world took it upon himself to destroy what they consider their holy book, they felt they had the right to go on a killing spree of innocent people.

As this photo indicates, they’re having a grand time wreaking havoc.

Some want to blame this all on Jones. Let’s analyze that for a minute. First, I believe he is primarily a glory hound with little sense of how to communicate the message of the gospel. Do you really think this picture is a proper representation of what Christ offers?

Jones, I believe, has acted foolishly. He is accountable to God for the manner in which he presents the Christian message to the world. I sincerely hope he repents and gets his heart right.

That doesn’t mean, though, that he is accountable for what occurred in Afghanistan. Each person is accountable for his own actions. The individuals in that mob made their own decisions to rampage and murder. They will answer to God for their decisions.

We’ve become far too adept at heaping blame on others rather than looking at ourselves. Yes, someone like Jones may do something to inflame a situation, but no one is forcing anyone else to respond with acts of murder.

Blame Jones for committing a foolish act; blame the individuals in that mob for what they did.

By the way, do you think it’s possible that in Muslim countries, Bibles have been destroyed? What about all those strictures against Christians who would want to share their faith with Muslims in those lands? Did you know that someone can be put to death for trying to convert a Muslim to Christianity? And when’s the last time you’ve seen a mob of “Christians” killing Muslims because a Bible was burned?

There is no legitimate excuse for what occurred in Afghanistan, no matter how far down the road of political correctness we have traveled.

May Another Man Take His Place

Lakeland, where I live, is close to Orlando, where possibly the most obnoxious, nasty, and uncouth congressman in the nation lives. He’s so over the line that he became national news even before his run for reelection.

His name is Alan Grayson, who first received widespread media attention during the healthcare debate when he declared that the only plan for healthcare that Republicans had was for people to “die quickly.” Note the picture of Grayson with his chart on the floor of the House.

He seemed to relish the publicity because he then continued to make outrageous statements and conduct himself in a bizarre manner; apparently he enjoyed the national notoriety. What else has he done?

Appearing on Chris Matthews’s program, he claimed that he has trouble listening to Dick Cheney “because of the blood that drips from his teeth while he’s talking.”

Last April, he walked into a conservative meeting in an Orlando restaurant, uninvited, and started yelling at the group.

He has been accused of financially propping up a Tea Party candidate for his own seat in order to divide the Republican vote. Just yesterday, he was served with a subpoena. While he denies any knowledge of this, it’s rather obvious that he is involved.

His latest outrage is an ad he has run against his Republican opponent Daniel Webster, in which he refers to Webster as “Taliban Dan.” Why? Well, it seems that Webster is an evangelical Christian who doesn’t support abortion. That equates with being a Taliban. In addition, the ad takes a snippet of a sentence from Webster that gives the impression that Webster is telling his wife to submit to him—just like the dictatorial Taliban.

In fact, the Webster speech from which the phrase was lifted was one that he delivered to a group of Christian men where he was saying that men should not focus on the Biblical injunction that wives are to submit to their husbands, but that instead they should pay more attention to the rest of the exhortation where they are told to love their wives as Christ loved the church—He laid down His life for the church, so husbands are to do the same for their wives.

Challenged with the fact that he took Webster completely out of context, Grayson continued to claim that his ad was accurate. He even received a verbal rebuke from an MSNBC reporter for this falsehood. MSNBC! How often does that happen? This is a man out of control. I seem to remember Nancy Pelosi saying she was going to preside over a House of unparalleled integrity.

The sweet side of all this is that Webster, ever since this insufferable ad has started running, has reaped thousands in campaign donations. And a new poll shows Grayson seven points behind Webster in spite of the Democrat’s overwhelming money advantage.

If ever a man deserved to be kicked out of Congress, Alan Grayson is that man.