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This Was Not a Peace Ship

There’s really no doubt now that the so-called peace ship heading to Gaza was bent on killing Israelis. The videos make it clear that the Israeli soldiers were attacked immediately upon boarding the ship for an inspection. It’s also now known that a large number of the 700 passengers were connected with Islamic jihadist groups known for terrorism. Some even had ties to Al Qaeda. The cartoonists have caught on to the truth: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rightly defends… Read more »

An Israeli Primer

A primer is a book of basics. It is intended to ensure that students grasp the essential foundations of a subject. I think we need a primer on the nature of the conflict in the Middle East over the state of Israel. Fact #1: Israel is a self-governing entity that is a friend to the free world. Fact #2: Israel is surrounded by enemies that want to destroy it. Fact #3: All these enemies are Islamic believers. Fact #4: Hamas,… Read more »