If You Don’t Feel Safe . . .

The most important and vital duty of the United States government, and the main one sanctioned by the Constitution, is to protect and defend its citizens. For that to be operative, those who are temporarily placed at the head of the government must be able to recognize the threats and deal with them effectively. It is crucial that we have a president who can clearly identify the real threats, and not actually sympathize with the enemy.

We are in a bad place with our current chief executive:


A few days ago, President Obama had a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron. It was painful to watch, as Cameron bluntly called Islamic terrorism what it was, while the president of the United States repeatedly avoided the term and would only say “extremist violence.” His refusal to identify the main threat to this country as Islamic has become almost comical, if not for the dire consequences of his willful blindness:

Just Say It

As I’ve noted before, all this stems from his own worldview in which he personally identifies with the Islamic world—and all whom he considers to have been oppressed by Western civilization. I believe he really does see the problem, but he stubbornly wants the problem to be something else. But pretending it isn’t the problem only leads to more problems:

Rose Garden

He’s also busy releasing terrorists from Gitmo—twenty-seven since the November elections—and seems to be increasing the pace. The problem with that? It’s called high recidivism: they go back to their terrorist activities, thereby making the job of overcoming the enemy even more difficult. Again, this is based on a pattern of willful blindness about who we’re dealing with:

Vegan Now

If the terrorists had their own satire magazine, it would probably read like this:


But would Obama recognize it as satire? Will he ever face reality or continue to rationalize?

On the Run

If you don’t feel safe, you’re not alone.


Of all the missteps in the Obama administration, none has so roundly raised the ire of people representing both sides of the political spectrum as his absence from the Paris unity march. As I said in a previous post, I’m not much for marches that are more symbol than substance, but sometimes symbolism is important enough to warrant participation.

The outrage over our president’s seeming lack of concern over Islamic terrorism may be one of the best developments of the Obama era. It may awaken even the most ignorant of our fellow citizens.

The cartoonists are certainly drawing attention to this faux pas. Using the now-famous unity march picture, one cartoonist added his own touch:


And this is not a cartoonist who ordinarily finds Obama a prime target for his artistry.

Others also invoked the image of the march, with their own twists:

Where's Obama

Waldo Obama

Perhaps the cartoonist who pictured the incident this way was closest to the true nature of the problem:

Je Suis Clueless

Since “offensive” cartoons were what ostensibly led to the terror attack, let me end with this:

Offensive Cartoon

America’s Disappearing Act

The big news this weekend was the major march in Paris to show solidarity against terrorism. More than one million people showed up. Included in that assemblage were forty heads of state, even those who have issues with one another, such as Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

One nation’s leader was noticeably absent. More on that in a minute.

Paris March

While I don’t want to downplay the significance of that many people showing up—and so many leaders of nations represented—we should keep in mind that a march is not a policy. It may look good, and may even inspire some better policy—we can only hope—but, by itself, it accomplishes nothing.

Even the French president, François Hollande, has refused to put the proper adjective alongside the terrorist activities in his own country: Islamic.

France, meanwhile, is a nation reaping what it has allowed. Massive Muslim immigration has changed the demographics so much that there are more than 700 “no-go” zones. What does that mean? There are that many areas in France where Sharia law dominates, and French authorities can’t even go into those areas without permission from the local Islamic leaders.

That’s the image of a nation drowning in its own folly.

Now, back to the absent leader. Forty leaders of nations present, but not the president of the United States. He sent an ambassador. On one level, I don’t care. President Obama has already revealed his views. He doesn’t see Islamic terrorism, specifically, as a threat. He never calls Islamic terrorist acts by their proper name. His worldview exudes sympathy for the culture that spawns the terrorists.

So his presence would have been nothing more than symbolic. Yet, on a deeper level, I do care. Why? This only furthers the alienation of America from its roots. It’s another plank in the Obama platform for remaking America in his image.

No longer is the United States the real leader of the Free World. It is now a bystander at best, and a nation that that gives aid and comfort to the enemy in its worst moments. We are no longer what we were, thanks to Barack Obama.

But don’t worry. We are doing something. The administration announced on Sunday that it will host a Summit on Countering Violent Extremism next month. More words . . . more talk that goes nowhere. It will be interesting, though, to see if this so-called summit clearly identifies the terror threat. It will also be interesting to see if an Obama summit decides to include Tea Parties and other “extremists” as part of the agenda.

Let’s just say I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

Our Executioner Awaits

As I continued to follow the news yesterday of the search for the Islamic terrorists in France, I wish I could say I was stunned by revelations of Western cluelessness. Unfortunately, I was not.

Imitating President Obama, we now have a multitude of voices saying that Islamic terrorists are not really Islamic. And a chorus is arising—the same chorus we’ve heard on and off since 9/11—fearful that Americans will now persecute peace-loving Muslims in our midst.

That “boy-cried-wolf” scenario, if it had any validity at all, would have occurred in those days following 9/11, but it never has.

Our mainstream media, fearful of being attacked themselves, pull back from associating this latest atrocity with Islam. They still think there can be peaceful co-existence, if only we play nice.

Whittaker ChambersListening to all this vacuous thinking reminded me of a quote from Whittaker Chambers in his book Witness. Reflecting on his world in 1925—a world unaware of the Communist threat it faced—he penned these words that could equally apply today in our time of peril:

The dying world of 1925 was without faith, hope, character, understanding of its malady or will to overcome it. It was dying but it laughed. And this laughter was not the defiance of a vigor that refuses to know when it is whipped. It was the loss, by the mind of a whole civilization, of the power to distinguish between reality and unreality, because, ultimately, though I did not know it, it had lost the power to distinguish between good and evil.… The dying world had no answer at all to the crisis of the 20th century, and, when it was mentioned, and every moral voice in the Western world was shrilling crisis, it cocked an ear of complacent deafness and smiled a smile of blank senility—throughout history, the smile of those for whom the executioner waits.

Scary words to me. Scary because they ring so true in the 21st century also. What has happened to Western culture? It has lost its Christian underpinnings. Keen analysis is rare due to our rejection of truth. We are dying, but we laugh. We have lost the power to distinguish reality from unreality because we have lost clear concepts of good and evil that come from the Biblical worldview.

Our elites, whether in government, the media, or academia, have no answers. We are in a crisis that they refuse to acknowledge. The few—the Christian few, and others who retain the Christian framework in their thinking—point to the crisis, but complacent deafness and the smile of blank senility is the only response. Our executioner awaits, if we don’t return to our roots.

A political cartoon yesterday sums up our plight:

None So Blind

Obama’s Islamic Terrorist Problem

Islamic terrorism in France has dominated the news the past 24 hours. Twelve people at a magazine that refused to bow to threats for satirizing Mohammed were murdered. The two terrorists are still on the loose. The Old Testament concept of an eye for an eye was simply a statement of equal justice, and was never intended to be carried out in this way.

Radical Islam

The French president immediately called it for what it was: terrorism. It took a while longer for our president to do the same. He had opted for “an act of violence” as a first response. Remember “workplace violence” at Ft. Hood? Even when he did come around to labeling it as terrorism, he steadfastly refused to put the proper adjective with it: Islamic.

For President Obama, there is no Islamic terrorism. Anyone doing it in the name of Islam isn’t really Islamic, you see. And those “lone wolf” actions, well, certainly they aren’t inspired by a worldwide terrorist network.

Completely Coincidental

And in his haste to fulfill one of his pledges before his administration expires, he is quietly releasing more prisoners from Gitmo:

Travel Club

For most of them, their time at Gitmo hasn’t exactly been torture—free Korans and prayer rugs, outside exercise, and special meals to accommodate their beliefs. Our soldiers there don’t eat as well as the prisoners.

As he lets them go, Obama seems to think that all will be well. They will be so gratified that he has released them that their love for America will soar:

Free to Go

His view of the world is woefully inadequate to the terrors of our age. I’ve stated this before and will do so again today: I don’t believe Obama is a Muslim. However, he was raised early on in a Muslim atmosphere and maintains sympathy for Islam as a result. When you couple that with his Marxist intellectual training, which sees Muslims as a group oppressed by the evil capitalists, and his strident anti-colonialism, you have the recipe for his current worldview.

His worldview problem, though, is our worldview problem. When a Paris episode like yesterday’s crops up here at home in the near future, how will he respond? His worldview only increases the danger to the nation he supposedly leads.

God Save Us

It is now confirmed that another American has been beheaded by ISIS. Peter Kassig, a former Army Ranger who then became an aid worker in Syria, is the latest Westerner to die trying to help people in dire need.

ISIS then released a statement saying that it intends to bring the war to the streets of America. Is it an idle threat? Not in their minds. And if we dismiss it as fantasy, we will regret that cavalier response.

Too many of us continue to live in our own personal fantasy about the Islamic worldview and its hostility toward those who are considered infidels. Sadly, that personal fantasy extends into the White House, which still calls the massacre at Ft. Hood an example of “workplace violence.”

The progressive elite, from Obama on down, have never come to grips with reality on the crucial issue of stopping terrorism—from their policy of open borders without constraint to the tepid response to ISIS.

One cartoonist has captured this bizarre worldview quite accurately:

Terrorist Community

Relationship Issues


Romantic Troubles

God save us from the experts. God save us from our current rulers, who think citizens devoted to the Constitution are a bigger threat to the nation than those who are out to kill us. “God save us” is not a cliché, but an earnest and honest prayer.

The Road Back to Spiritual Sanity

Islamic terrorism comes to Canada. On Monday, a jihadist used his car as a weapon and killed a Canadian soldier. Yesterday, a more concerted attack occurred at the Canadian Parliament. Another soldier is dead and others are injured. The Islamic convert, fortunately, lost his life before he could kill others.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper called it what it was: Islamic terrorism. Our president and his administration are still “getting the facts” and “studying” what happened. Wouldn’t want to rush to judgment, you know.

It’s the same mentality that called the Ft. Hood massacre “workplace violence” and the same ideological blindness that declared an Islamic state wasn’t really Islamic.

I’ve lost count of the many times in this blog I’ve put forward my view that Barack Obama lives in a different realm. He has created his own fantasy world where everything is just the way he perceives it to be, regardless of the consequences the rest of us have to live with due to his intransigence.

I won’t jump on the bandwagon that deems him a Muslim. There’s no way he’s a practicing Muslim. He just has sympathy for them because he sees them as trampled by the real evil in the world—Western civilization, and the United States, in particular.

If you ever wanted to know what it would be like to have a president who pretty much despises the heritage of the nation he leads, you now have a prime example.

Then there’s the other side of Obama, the side that is so narcissistic that his own enjoyment comes before the duties of the office he holds. Golf and fundraisers—the things he really enjoys doing—have priority over all else. Under this president, our color-coded threat grid looks something like this:

Warning System

I have little hope he will awaken from his dream world. Some of my fellow Christians will say there is always hope that someone will turn from error and embrace the Truth. I agree. Yet I don’t hold that out as a probability, only a remote possibility. God has given each of us free will. When that freedom has been used exclusively for one’s own personal pleasure and has been wedded to a false ideology for fifty-plus years, the road back to spiritual sanity is hard to find.

One must want to find that road, and that desire is what seems to be lacking.

Meanwhile, we continue to live with the consequences. We probably don’t deserve God’s mercy, but we can still pray for it, since mercy, properly defined, is unmerited favor in the first place.