That Was the Week That Was

Time to summarize the week, starting with the Obama administration’s directive to force Catholic hospitals to provide birth control [and by extension possible abortions]. Where does he think he gets that authority?

This is a slap in the face, of course, to all those Catholics who voted for him, thinking he was some kind of paragon of virtue. But they should have known; his record was quite clear before running for the presidency. He was the only state senator in Illinois who fought to disallow babies born alive “accidentally” during an abortion to receive medical care. He has been consistent.

Hopefully, they’ll make a more informed choice this November.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Eric Holder testified [sort of] to a House committee again over his accountability in the Fast and Furious scandal. Congress has been requesting the pertinent records for quite some time. There seems to be a speed bump somewhere in the process of receiving them. Perhaps a better name can be given to this scandal:

Let’s just say Mr. Holder has been less than forthcoming:

The Occupy Movement has also been trying to get back into the news. One wonders if they need a public relations firm, considering their outrageous actions. Their mantra of the 1% vs. the 99% could easily be turned back on them:

Then there’s always the budget/national debt issue. Remarkably, the unemployment rate fell temporarily to 8.3% [don’t expect that to last too long], but the overall financial mess we find ourselves in as a nation only gets worse:

Don’t be fooled by superficial good news; the overall picture is still pretty bleak.

Do the Right Thing . . . For a Change

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is truly fascinating. They seem to show up everywhere now. I guess they got tired of Wall Street. Newt Gingrich had his speech interrupted by some of them yesterday. I guess they’re also tired of free speech. What exactly do they want?

Well, some of them apparently aren’t all in for the cause . . . unless, of course, the cause benefits them personally. I think they still have an ally in the White House.

The cartoon above is referring to a pipeline project that will not only create jobs but will help America become more self-reliant in energy production.

So why is Obama nixing this project? I thought he was trying to create jobs. Hasn’t he said that’s his number one priority? Could it be that he’s not really serious about that? In fact, he seems to be bowing to the environmental extremists on this one, putting himself at odds with unions, another one of his key constituencies. It must be hard juggling all those interest groups all the time.

I have a novel idea. Why not just do the right thing? I know that’s kind of radical, but he might want to give it a try for a change.

Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year”: True to Form

Time, at the end of each year, names its “Person of the Year.” It’s usually a joke. Not intentionally, of course, but a joke nonetheless. This year, Time has done it again. Now I realize the so-called “Person of the Year” isn’t always meant to be an admirable person, but rather the most influential, for good or for ill. However, the magazine consistently uses this attention-getter to highlight its own agenda.

So who is Time’s “Person of the Year” this time around? They chose a movement rather than a single individual. They chose “The Protester.” The focus appears to be on the misnamed Arab Spring and the somewhat brain-impaired Occupy Wall Street crowd. Liberals such as those who run Time think freedom has blossomed in the Arab world. One wonders if they will ever be able to see the forest for all the trees. A rude awakening would be nice, but don’t count on it.

They also were hoping the Occupy Movement would be the Left’s answer to the Tea Party. Well it was, in the only way the Left can operate: imbecilic chants, sit-ins [upgraded to camp-ins], destruction of private property, demands for handouts, and a few murders, rapes, etc. Yes, a truly historic movement. Congratulations, Time, for staying true to your misguided past.

I have a better suggestion for the “Person of the Year.”

Understanding Obamaspeak

As I’ve mentioned before—and I’m not the only one drawing attention to this—President Obama is in full campaign mode. He’s far more comfortable in that arena where he can use demagoguery to try to get reelected. I mean, if he had to run on his record alone, he would be toast. All that stimulus for his friends in the banks and Wall Street has accomplished nothing. Yes, those are his friends despite his populist rhetoric. And what does he promise? Even more stimulus:

It isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

The second prong of his appeal is to blame everything on the rich, without mentioning he’s kind of rich himself and he has a few compatriots such as Warren Buffett. But that doesn’t stop him because he knows most people don’t realize the discrepancy. So even though his policies are causing this car wreck of an economy, he can continue to blame others:

And have you noticed how he keeps using the word “fair”? That’s a winner with those who don’t know how to interpret the word in Obamaspeak. Here’s an illustration of what he really means by it:

Yes, let’s spread the misery around.

He does his best to identify with the deceivingly so-called 99%:

But whenever the masses get together to protest, things rarely turn out the way they expect:

It’s time to reject the Obama approach, the Obama policies, and Obama himself. We need a return to sanity.

Potpourri Saturday

What does my title today mean? It means I’m tired of thinking for now and just want to throw a few cartoons at you. They are on a variety of subjects, but all pretty effective, I believe. Let’s get started. How about the reluctance of Republican primary voters to fall in love with Mitt Romney’s candidacy?

While we’re on the subject of politicians, here’s another one on Barney Frank’s announced retirement that captures the true spirit of the man:

We must not ignore the Occupy Wall Street fiasco:

And finally, here’s a commentary on the degradation of American culture:

Enjoy your weekend. It’s a gift from God.

The Real 99%

Cartoonist Michael Ramirez has been highlighting some really stark comparisons in his political cartoons lately. The other day I shared his view on modern society’s upside down perception of heroes and villains. He’s back today with another poignant contrast:

I’m kind of fed up with this “we’re the 99%” baloney, which casts millionaires and billionaires as the other 1% who are ruining the world. In actuality, anyone making just above $300,000 per year is part of that 1%, which means that it’s not made up primarily of the super rich. To me, $300,000 is super rich, but compared to the Warren Buffetts and Bill Gateses of the world, it’s just a very good salary. What’s really going on with the Occupy Wall Street movement is simple Marxism, dressed up in different clothes. The goal is to overturn American society as it exists today.

Well, there are things I would like to see overturned, but not capitalism or the significance of private property. Property and liberty go hand in hand. Our Founders knew they were inseparable. If individuals don’t own property, who will? Answer: the government.

It’s time to see these occupiers for what they are and respond accordingly. Breaking up the unsanitary tent city in New York was a good start. What will that achieve? Fewer murders, rapes, thefts, and harassment of honest business people. I don’t normally think much of NYC’s mayor Bloomberg, but in this case, he finally did what was necessary.

I’ll stand with those who believe in Christian foundations, fiscal responsibility, and constitutional government. They are the hope for the future.

The Occupiers’ True Colors Are Showing

I believe the Occupy Wall Street movement showed its true colors from the beginning, but those who wanted to give the benefit of the doubt are now starting to catch on. All it takes is a few killings, rapes, thefts, destruction of private property, and widespread sanitation issues that lead to disease to wake up the drowsy. Even liberal mayors are having to crack down on the movement, sending in the police to tear down encampments that violate city ordinances and generally obstruct the carrying out of everyday business. This should be an object lesson for those who sympathize with Marxist-tainted protesters. This is how it always turns out.

Naturally, celebrities have made their obligatory treks to various Occupy sites, where they get a nice photo op, good press from the mainstream media, and then go home to their mansions. But at least they feel good having condescended to visit the rabble that supposedly constitute the 99%. A lot of these 99 percenters are college graduates who could get jobs if they really tried, even in a bad economy. Heaven forbid they should start at the bottom and work up; after all, they are “owed” a living from their society.

This is the upside down world of the Occupiers. Unfortunately, that mindset isn’t limited to them; far too many ordinary citizens are fooled into seeing life through their bizarre lenses:

Our heroes are part of our fantasy world, while all too often the real heroes are despised.