The Occupiers’ True Colors Are Showing

I believe the Occupy Wall Street movement showed its true colors from the beginning, but those who wanted to give the benefit of the doubt are now starting to catch on. All it takes is a few killings, rapes, thefts, destruction of private property, and widespread sanitation issues that lead to disease to wake up the drowsy. Even liberal mayors are having to crack down on the movement, sending in the police to tear down encampments that violate city ordinances and generally obstruct the carrying out of everyday business. This should be an object lesson for those who sympathize with Marxist-tainted protesters. This is how it always turns out.

Naturally, celebrities have made their obligatory treks to various Occupy sites, where they get a nice photo op, good press from the mainstream media, and then go home to their mansions. But at least they feel good having condescended to visit the rabble that supposedly constitute the 99%. A lot of these 99 percenters are college graduates who could get jobs if they really tried, even in a bad economy. Heaven forbid they should start at the bottom and work up; after all, they are “owed” a living from their society.

This is the upside down world of the Occupiers. Unfortunately, that mindset isn’t limited to them; far too many ordinary citizens are fooled into seeing life through their bizarre lenses:

Our heroes are part of our fantasy world, while all too often the real heroes are despised.