The Real 99%

Cartoonist Michael Ramirez has been highlighting some really stark comparisons in his political cartoons lately. The other day I shared his view on modern society’s upside down perception of heroes and villains. He’s back today with another poignant contrast:

I’m kind of fed up with this “we’re the 99%” baloney, which casts millionaires and billionaires as the other 1% who are ruining the world. In actuality, anyone making just above $300,000 per year is part of that 1%, which means that it’s not made up primarily of the super rich. To me, $300,000 is super rich, but compared to the Warren Buffetts and Bill Gateses of the world, it’s just a very good salary. What’s really going on with the Occupy Wall Street movement is simple Marxism, dressed up in different clothes. The goal is to overturn American society as it exists today.

Well, there are things I would like to see overturned, but not capitalism or the significance of private property. Property and liberty go hand in hand. Our Founders knew they were inseparable. If individuals don’t own property, who will? Answer: the government.

It’s time to see these occupiers for what they are and respond accordingly. Breaking up the unsanitary tent city in New York was a good start. What will that achieve? Fewer murders, rapes, thefts, and harassment of honest business people. I don’t normally think much of NYC’s mayor Bloomberg, but in this case, he finally did what was necessary.

I’ll stand with those who believe in Christian foundations, fiscal responsibility, and constitutional government. They are the hope for the future.