Russian Belligerence/American Weakness

The Russian Bear is sharpening its claws again. Vladimir Putin is doing his best to resurrect the old Soviet empire. His strategy of “protecting” Russian-speaking peoples has just landed him the Crimean Peninsula that legally belongs to Ukraine. Will he be satisfied with Crimea only? Why not the rest of Ukraine? After all, it used to be in the Soviet orbit. Rumors are now circulating that there are others who need “protection,” such as Russians living in the Baltic countries of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.

The United States used to be seen as the counterbalance to Russian empire-building. Not so much anymore. The Leader of the Free World has more important things on which to concentrate:

Not Taking Seriously

Putin, in fact, is not taking Obama very seriously. Why should he?

March Madness


Once this president established a track record of being a paper tiger, he made himself inconsequential. Who, on the world stage, is really listening to him anymore?

Mouse that Roared

But never fear, he has his real enemies in his sights, and he’s not going to let them get away with anything:


Unfortunately, for us and the world, the only “enemy” he recognizes is his political opposition. And the world hurtles toward one disaster after another without the positive input the United States used to give. Things are more out of balance than ever, and they are tipping in the direction of increased belligerence and terrorism. Meanwhile, we just sit and watch.