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Gendercide & the Democrat Party

I have two related items today. Both say a lot about the culture of death in our society and the participation of Planned Parenthood, President Obama, and congressional Democrats in that culture. These stories no longer shock, but they are revelatory nonetheless. One organization, Live Action, has been very successful in exposing Planned Parenthood’s worldview and activities. Live Action has taken video cameras into Planned Parenthood offices and caught personnel making outrageous statements. It happened again this week. A pregnant… Read more »

Going “Forward”

The campaigns are well underway now; no one is holding back. The Obama team apparently has come up with the new buzzword. In 2008, of course, it was “Hope and Change.” That obviously won’t work this time around because people would be thinking, “yeah, we do need a change—that might be our only hope.” So now Democrat legions are to be inspired by the one simple word “Forward,” which is supposed to be a positive message. However, it seems to… Read more »

Phony Issues Exposed

The Obama campaign is rather adept at promoting phony issues. For instance, the laser-like focus on making the super-rich pay more—which would add only $47 billion to the treasury each year while we pile up more than a trillion in increased debt at the same time. Phony. Then there’s the supposed “War on Women” that Republicans/conservatives are waging. The only complaints conservatives have on that score is having everyone pay for young, unmarried women’s contraceptives and taxpayer support for abortion… Read more »

Of Super Committees & Gullible Voters

So now it’s official: the Super Committee wasn’t so super after all. Abject failure. No agreement on how to cut the budget by $1.2 trillion, which wasn’t even really a budget cut, but merely a slowing of the growth of the national debt. Democrats on the committee wanted to use it as a way to increase taxes by $1 trillion; Republicans rightly balked at that. Republicans offered cuts along with the closing of some loopholes to increase revenues; Democrats wouldn’t… Read more »

Maybe We Need a Super Duper Committee

The deadline draws near. The so-called Super Committee is supposed to come up with more than a trillion dollars in savings by Wednesday. I never gave this committee much credence since it’s made up of equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans. Stalemate was inevitable. Democrats on the committee came up with what they thought were dandy ideas for savings. The only problem? They weren’t real. Republican efforts have been rejected, even though they contained the closing of tax loopholes to… Read more »

The Baneful Effects of a Third Party in Presidential Elections

Earlier this month, I spoke at the Winter Haven, Florida, 9-12 Project. Last night I was closer to home at the Lakeland 9-12 Project meeting. As with the Winter Haven group, these are sincere citizens who want to see substantive change, as opposed to a vague, dreamy “hope-and-change” mantra without meaning. They are committed to restoring the original intent of the Constitution and in helping educate the public on basic principles. My topic was the effect of third parties on… Read more »