The Tax Deal

It appears an agreement has been reached between Democrats and Republicans with respect to the Bush tax cuts—they will be extended for two years for all taxpayers [I was going to write “all Americans,” but then I realized many Americans pay no income tax—52% of us cover the other 48%].

In announcing this agreement, President Obama was more than a little testy. In fact, he came across as downright petulant. One could be forgiven for calling his demeanor pouty. He obviously hated announcing the tax deal as he continued to pound Republicans as the evildoers who were holding taxpayers “hostage.”

Inadvertently, he displayed his true nature as someone who truly is ideological to the point of anger over having to compromise. What it really comes down to is that he’s not used to not getting his way. This whole “president” thing hasn’t worked out the way he envisioned. He would much rather be a monarch.

He’s not the only one unhappy; the radical Left in his party is having fits as well, and most are angry with him. Democrats may have had to compromise, but they’re visibly upset at what appears to be a Republican victory:

Two years into his presidency, Obama’s star has fallen, not only among independents but also within his own ranks. How bad is it?

Astute observation.