Common Sense on Refugees

America has always been the most accepting of nations with respect to immigrants. The doors have almost always been open wide. In the early years, there were no immigration restrictions at all. The real restrictions only applied to citizenship. Immigrants could come over, but if they wanted the privileges of citizenship, they had to meet certain requirements.

The period from approximately 1890-1917 was unprecedented in history as those teeming masses descended upon a country that held greater promise than what the immigrants could expect in their homelands.

After WWI, some restrictions were placed, but only in the manner of percentages from certain countries as concerns about the changing demographics came to the forefront, but compared to the rest of the world, we remained the “golden door” of opportunity.

So I have great sympathy for those who wish to flee persecution and find a safe place here. Yet wisdom must accompany that sympathy. This is, in a sense, a new world we are now confronting. Some of our leaders, though, don’t see it that way:

Huddled Masses

Most of those seeking to enter America are most assuredly not terrorists, but, as we now know in the Paris attacks, some of those involved with those attacks smuggled themselves in disguised as genuine refugees. Concern over the nature of this new immigration is sensible:

Refugee Roulette

A bipartisan bill has recently passed the House and is going to the Senate. It is not a drastic, xenophobic bill at all, but merely an attempt to tighten the vetting process. President Obama now finds himself fighting not only Republicans but many in his own party:

Where'd Everybody Go

Harry Reid already has threatened to filibuster this bill in the Senate. That’s to be expected from Harry Reid. Will enough Democrats abandon his sinking ship and come to their senses, allowing this bill to be sent to Obama’s desk? He will certainly veto it, yet there is a good chance his veto will be overridden this time.

Common sense needs to prevail here. “Common sense” and “Democrats” are not terms that automatically go together. May they be reunited in this case.

Common Sense at the Border

Do we have a border crisis or is the current state of affairs at our southern border just what the Obama administration wants? Perhaps illegal immigrants can be excused for being confused about our policy. We don’t exactly make it clear, do we?

Mixed Messages

Protecting our border is a federal responsibility, but when the federal government doesn’t do its job, it’s understandable that states have to shoulder the burden instead. That’s why Gov. Rick Perry of Texas has now ordered a thousand National Guardsmen to the border. Does he deserve the criticism he receives for doing so, or should that criticism instead be directed toward those who are looking the other way?

Washington, DC, can sometimes be another world where politicians live in luxury penthouses and only occasionally get out to see what’s happening where the peons live. Harry Reid is a prime example. He actually stated publicly, on the record, that the border is secure. That’s when you know for sure a politician resides on some other planet:

Border Is Secure

As a history professor, it’s not too difficult to imagine how Harry Reid would have responded during the War of 1812 when the British invaded and burned Washington:


Lest we forget, there are good reasons for not having a porous border. It’s not a matter of being hardhearted toward those who might like to live in the U.S. Rather, it’s a combination of respect for the rule of law—which will disintegrate if we allow it to be violated so easily—and concern for national security. Keep in mind there are some out there who love the access we give them and who would use it to their advantage:

Wide Open

All of that seems to be lost on the presumed Leader of the Free World who spends most of his time on other activities:

Cancel Fundraiser

One could say he deserves what he gets, but, unfortunately, the rest of us will suffer along with him. Securing the border is no more extremist than securing one’s own home from intruders. It used to be called common sense.

That Was the Week That Was

How about a summary of news I haven’t had time to mention this week, just to catch up on items of interest? I’ll let the political cartoons do most of the talking. Did you catch the problem at Rutgers where there were so many protests from faculty and students about Condoleeza Rice speaking at graduation that she withdrew from the event? An African American woman who served as secretary of state not welcome at one of the self-proclaimed centers of cultural diversity and tolerance? Are we in a time warp?

Your Kind

Then there’s Harry Reid doing what Harry Reid always does—losing his mind on the Senate floor. He has lately been obsessed with the Koch brothers, who are political donors to some conservative causes. In Harry’s mind, they are the focus of evil in the modern world, responsible for everything from corruption in politics to bad weather:

Koch Brothers

And speaking of the weather, we keep getting those climate studies that tell us we’re all going to die pretty soon, or at least have to move inland to avoid drowning in the rise of the oceans. I prefer a little more common sense on this subject:


If you are a veteran and need medical attention from the VA, you might be in trouble. Veterans are dying from poor care and apparent neglect at VA hospitals. Yet the head of the Veterans Administration refuses to resign. What we have here is a perfect model for what to expect when government-run healthcare is fully implemented:


And who would have guessed that, after 15 years, Monica Lewinsky would show up again? She was featured in a Vanity Fair article, reminding us of those wonderful Clinton years. I’m not sure one person is very pleased to see this resurrected at this time:


Hope this little roundup of the news you might have missed was worthwhile. That was the week that was.

When a Nation Loses Its Mind

Why am I so attracted to the use of cartoons in this blog? Well, I don’t think it’s some sort of wish to return to childhood. Political cartoons have always been one of the best ways to make a point succinctly, without excess bloviating. I try to collect them according to theme/topic. Sometimes, I get a smattering of excellent cartoon commentaries without one particular unifying theme. At those times, I like to offer them as an overview of topical trends. This is one of those days.

For instance, I haven’t written anything of substance yet on the rancher/BLM controversy in Nevada, where tension exists between a rancher and the federal government over his continuing use of ostensibly federal land to graze his cattle. I haven’t had time to look into all the legalities of the issue, but there are a couple of things that do stand out to me as this drama unfolds. First, one has to question why the federal government claims over 80% of Nevada for itself. That should elicit some genuine debate. Second, it’s fascinating to watch Nevada Senator Harry Reid fulminate on the controversy. He seems to get more outrageous by the week. Take this comment, for example:

Real Terrorist

Can he really be serious? Sad to say, I think he is. And his attitude is fast becoming the worldview of his party. This doesn’t bode well for freedom.

We’ve also gotten to the point where the federal government is more and more the provider of all goods and services. We used to call this socialism. We used to believe this was not wise. We used to believe . . .

Cruel Heartlessness

That cartoon is a wonderful display of gentle sarcasm to make a salient point about the expectations and delusions that seem to be increasing.

We also continue to be told, despite evidence to the contrary, that global warming—I’m sorry, I mean climate change—is going to kill us all. In fact, it seems to be the root of so many of our problems:

Excuse for Everything

President Obama has assured us this is settled science, and there should be no more debate on this issue. He’s also claimed Obamacare is a success and that Republicans need to move on—no more debate. And all those backward people who still believe in real marriage, and not the artificial construct we are currently attempting to foist on the country? Why, they shouldn’t be tolerated anymore. They are obviously hatemongers. What to do with all these remaining heretics?

Debate Is Over

Yes, as a nation, we are quickly losing our moral bearings and, along with that, our collective mind.

Deadlines, Red Lines, & Politics

Today is the former deadline for signing up for Obamacare. Those who think, though, that President Obama is doing something new by changing this deadline have forgotten that this has become pretty much a standard operating procedure for him, as it’s slightly reminiscent of how he conducts foreign policy as well. He gets pretty much the same result in both realms:

Now What

Ostensibly, this alteration in the deadline is to help all those who don’t have insurance and just haven’t had the time to sign up during the past six months. Keep in mind that probably only about 1/30 of the uninsured have decided to go with this “rescue mission” designed especially for them. Why haven’t they jumped at the offer? Could it be that it’s too expensive? Or is Harry Reid right when he says they’re just not smart enough to navigate the Internet and need more time? The words “Harry Reid” and “right” don’t really belong in the same sentence.

Here’s the bottom line: this deadline was moved purely for political reasons. Obamacare is political poison for Democrats this November. If President Obama could get his way on everything, I think I know what he would do at this juncture:

Delay Midterm

Meanwhile, there is a gleam in Republicans’ eyes:


If the elections were held today, I believe that would be the result. Now, will Republicans be smart with this advantage or find a way to ruin themselves? For the sake of the country, pray that they stand firm on principles and find the proper way to communicate them.

Clintonspeak vs. Obamaspeak

Keith Koffler, a veteran White House reporter who nows hosts the website White House Dossier, recently commented on the nature of the lies being told by the Obama team, from the president himself through his various cabinet officials and on down the line. He said,

God help us. And I used to think Slick Willie was bad. But nothing prepared me for this group. At least spin us the old fashioned way, you know—a little obfuscation, some misleading information, a nice pickled red herring.

DON’T JUST OUTRIGHT LIE TO US! I mean, where’s the artistry in that?

What he’s saying is that we’ve reached a whole new level of bald-faced lies. One of the greatest practitioners of that approach is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who went to the Senate chamber last week to deny that anyone is being negatively affected by Obamacare. In fact, he clearly stated that all the horror stories being told about it are “untrue.”

If you follow his logic, he’s claiming that all those people who have come forward to give an account of how they’ve lost their previous healthcare plans, how they’ve lost their doctors, how they no longer have the treatments they need for cancer and other life-threatening conditions—they are all lying. It’s all somehow a plot by the unamerican Koch brothers, the evil funders of evil Republicans. So we are to trust Harry Reid because he would never mislead us.

None Are True

After all, he has more clarity on this subject than those who claim to be experiencing problems:

Lying Eyes

I would be tempted to think Sen. Reid has lost some connection to reality if I didn’t believe this is all an orchestrated ploy, designed to convince that vast audience of apathetic, uninformed voters that everything is just fine:

Not Real

The root of the problem is lying, for sure, but not in the way Sen. Reid tells us:

Real Liar

It’s hard not to be thoroughly disgusted by the actions of Harry Reid. Yet he’s just one mouthpiece. Whether it’s Kathleen Sebelius, Eric Holder, Joe Biden, or President Obama himself, the words and attitudes are identical. We’ve gone beyond Clintonspeak, which was an attempt to cover up personal misdeeds; Obamaspeak is far more insidious.

Nothing to Brag About

Until today, this has been an Obamacare-free blog this week, but it’s important to keep in touch with what’s happening with the worst policy and worst website in American history, so let’s have a short update.

The website supposedly is better now. But that depends on one’s definition of the word. If by “better,” one means a site where you still cannot make a payment for the plan you think you’ve enrolled in, then this site qualifies. Or if you’re looking for a place to enter personal information that can be hacked and used by anyone who successfully navigates the virtually non-existent security, you have found a “home.”

The administration likes to tout the fact that people can now see what they might actually be paying. That’s a plus?

Sticker Shock

With premiums regularly higher than in their cancelled plans and deductibles through the roof, so that you wonder why you have insurance at all, this can hardly be something the Obama people would want to brag about. Of course, not everyone has to worry as much about those high prices because they won’t be pushed into the exchange:


Yes, there are those who are more privileged than the rabble who are forced to choose one of the government’s options. But don’t despair; you may be able to get a subsidy:


After all, the government has a pile of money somewhere to help you out, right? Or maybe they have to get it from somewhere else?

Nothing is free. There is always a cost. With this Obamacare boondoggle, the cost will only keep rising. And you will pay for it.