Posturing, Politics, and Principle

The congressional song and dance on the extension of the Bush tax cuts has been fascinating to watch. The Democrats try to position themselves as the champions of the middle class while excoriating the Republicans as tools of the filthy rich. The Republicans, meanwhile, push for extending the tax cuts to all Americans rather than just the middle class. That puts them in a bad light in the eyes of some, but those who can analyze and think clearly realize the stakes:

Taxing the rich never helps the middle class. Hopefully, a large enough segment of the middle class is beginning to recognize the false posturing for what it is.

Regardless of how this turns out in the lame-duck session, Republicans can revisit in January any horrible decisions made now. I’m disappointed by the results of the Senate race in Alaska, of course. Even though a Republican (of sorts) won there, that winner won’t be of much help righting the ship of state. Lisa Murkowski’s write-in campaign led to some strange vote counting:

In spite of the inertia Murkowski and some others bring to the Republican table, I’m still generally hopeful. There are some principled representatives taking their seats for the first time next month; let’s see what they can accomplish.