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Posturing, Politics, and Principle

The congressional song and dance on the extension of the Bush tax cuts has been fascinating to watch. The Democrats try to position themselves as the champions of the middle class while excoriating the Republicans as tools of the filthy rich. The Republicans, meanwhile, push for extending the tax cuts to all Americans rather than just the middle class. That puts them in a bad light in the eyes of some, but those who can analyze and think clearly realize the… Read more »

They Deserve to Win

As a counterpoint to yesterday’s post, where I listed the politicians who most deserved to lose this year, today I’ll focus on the positive—those who really deserve to win. Now, that doesn’t mean they all will win, but the nation would be better off if they did. I’m going to start close to home with Florida’s Senate race. No one, when the race began, expected Marco Rubio to gain any traction. He had been speaker of the Florida House, and… Read more »

Alaska, Florida, and Forfeiting One's Soul

I’ve waited a while to comment on the Alaska Republican Senate primary. Virtually no one gave Joe Miller any chance of unseating incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski. Yet the inconceivable actually occurred. The race was close, and the win was razor thin, but a win it was for Miller, who is much more conservative than Murkowski and allied with the Tea Party. Sarah Palin, from the outset, gave her support to Miller. The Murkowski family has owned Alaska politics for some… Read more »