Month: July 2011

Principle & Compromise: Not Always at Odds

I’ve called this blog Pondering Principles because I’m dedicated to laying a principled foundation for whatever subject I scrutinize. I also want to see principles—Biblical principles—become the basis for all public policy. Those of us oriented toward principles have a natural aversion to compromise; we have a tendency to see all compromise as a step backward. I would like to argue that is not the case. Let’s start historically and work our way to present-day issues. At the Constitutional Convention,… Read more »

The Myth of the Well-Informed Electorate

No one is supposed to cast doubt on the wisdom of the American voter. To do so is to be accused of elitism, or some other equally odious quality. We are constantly assured that the overwhelming majority of voters are well informed and make their decisions based on sound knowledge. There’s an academic term for that—baloney. Now by saying this, I’ve opened myself up for criticism. Who do I think I am passing judgment on the electorate? What proof do… Read more »


I read a Charles Krauthammer column the other day that was so clear, concise, and devastatingly accurate that I want to share some of his thoughts. It has to do with the number one national concern right now—no, not Casey Anthony—the huge debt and what to do about it. He trains his incisive analysis on the hubris that comes from the top of our government—the president himself. Obama has been quite vocal lately, telling the Congress to take responsibility. As… Read more »

A Nonjudgmental Society?

In the wake of the Casey Anthony verdicts, I’ve heard a couple of comments that deserve a response. The first is that it’s rather ironic that the mainstream media was so exercised over the death of Caylee Anthony but that if Casey had aborted her, they would have treated her as a courageous young woman making a “difficult choice.” Spot on. The second comment is that the reasoning of the jury indicates that we’re a society that no longer feels… Read more »

Speaking Boldly about Ultimate Truth

I’ve been reading through the book of Isaiah recently. It’s poignant in so many ways. It has provided encouragement to speak boldly about ultimate truth. Most blogs that focus on politics and government don’t delve into ultimate truth, but merely comment on events from a distinct political perspective. My mission from God [that’s not boasting, by the way; all Christians have a mission, and all nonchristians have one waiting for them if they submit their lives to Him] is to… Read more »

Why I Celebrate This Day

We in America celebrate independence today. If I really wanted to be picky, I would say this is the wrong day—the actual vote for independence came on July 2, 1776, but since the Declaration of Independence was approved two days later, that has become the national holiday. Fine with me; we should celebrate both days. Of course, in order to celebrate it, one needs to know what it’s all about. As a people, we’re coming up a little short on… Read more »

The Simple Solution

In my last post, I outlined what I consider to be the most pressing problems we face as a nation. At the end, I said I wanted to address a more foundational need that is essential if we are to turn things around. What I’m about to say might sound simplistic to some, but I believe it is the root of all our problems and, if taken seriously, is also the solution. Critics of Ronald Reagan used to say that… Read more »