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Trayvon Martin & Justice

I’ve been hesitant to wade into the Trayvon Martin story. Some of my hesitancy is due to the potential for misunderstanding my comments, but most of it is simply because I want to be careful not to prejudge either side. After a while, though, some things do become more clear. The most important ingredient for the resolution of this case is for the rule of law to prevail. A special prosecutor has been appointed to look into the charges and… Read more »

A Nonjudgmental Society?

In the wake of the Casey Anthony verdicts, I’ve heard a couple of comments that deserve a response. The first is that it’s rather ironic that the mainstream media was so exercised over the death of Caylee Anthony but that if Casey had aborted her, they would have treated her as a courageous young woman making a “difficult choice.” Spot on. The second comment is that the reasoning of the jury indicates that we’re a society that no longer feels… Read more »