Praying for Failure

I’m in kind of a hurry this morning, so all profound thoughts are going to have to come from other sources. Fortunately, the political cartoonists are having a field day with the aftermath of the so-called shutdown and the so-called rollout of Obamacare. Let’s start with the shutdown. How did the media analyze the reason for it?

Dangerous Blackmailer

The White House chose to chime in with its moderate rhetoric:

White House Glossary

It appears the White House is moderate in its rhetoric where it should be more forceful, and vice versa. Meanwhile, the public is just so relieved that government is now operating as it had prior to the shutdown:

Shutdown's Over

Up and Running

Obamacare is now center stage, and it is flopping spectacularly. President Obama tried to rally his troops yesterday, declaring it is a good product with good prices, and that all the “kinks” with the website will be worked out eventually. Well, I hope not. Yes, I will say it—I want it to fail. Why? We need as many roadblocks as possible to stop the implementation of this government takeover. Most people will focus on the glitches, but those are merely the external results of massive incompetence. The real problem is deeper and has to do with the philosophy of the program itself:

House Call

This is why I want it to fail. I’m cheering on the incompetence; it’s our best hope at the moment:

O'Care Inc.

One has to wonder how many passes a compliant media will give this inept administration:


If we allow this monstrosity to become entrenched, the future is bleak:

Oversold Load

Rush Limbaugh got a lot of heat at the beginning of the Obama tenure when he said he hoped the new president would fail in carrying out his plans. He had good reasons to pray for failure, because if Obama succeeds, we all lose.

The Ultimate Hope

The whole country is breathing a sigh of relief now that the government is fully funded again. We’re comforted by the thought that all things are up and running once more. But I’m reminded of the time when Ronald Reagan was recuperating from the assassination attempt back in 1981. His top cabinet officials all came to see him at the hospital. At the time, he had a tube going down his throat and couldn’t yet speak, but he was writing little notes. When they told him not to worry, the government was operating as usual, he quickly wrote down, “Why would you think that would make me feel better?” It was a humorous line, but sadly reflective of the real state of things. It would make even more sense to say the same thing today:

After Shutdown

And through it all, Emperor President Obama protected his signature legislation:

Eat Obamacare

Not to worry, though. Our excellent federal bureaucracy is doing its usual fine job of implementation, this time under the careful eye of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius:

Capt. Sebelius

And all those premium increases in nearly every state? Again, don’t bother about that. This is a wonderful gift being offered the country by a benevolent ruler:

Trojan Horse

So sit back and relax. Obama’s in his White House and all is right with the world.

Actually, much of what we see now is an illusion. People think things are fine when they are not. My hope is not in any political solution for our woes; no substantial change will ever take place without a genuine repentance sweeping over the nation and a renewed church pointing to a Cross. Ultimately, my hope lies beyond the “normal” state of affairs:

For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away, so will the coming of the Son of Man be.

Therein lies my hope.

The Republic Is Saved?

So the big shutdown is over. The republic is saved. We may now go about our business borrowing more money and digging an even deeper hole. And on top of it all, nothing was done to chip away at the Obamacare nightmare.

I understand political realities. With a Democrat Senate and Obama in the White House, nothing drastic was going to happen. But when the final result appears to be a total cave, the disappointment among those who take these matters seriously is palpable.

Critics will continue to harp on Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and others who stood tall in their attempt to draw attention to the principles of constitutionalism and reined-in government. As I’ve said before, I’m not sure they chose the right strategy to advance those principles, but they nevertheless performed a valuable service by making the arguments.

The public, and unfortunately many of their Republican colleagues, became skittish about a shutdown that was anything but a real shutdown and about the horror stories of default, even though tax revenues are enough each month to cover all debts, Social Security, and most other aspects of the government. Are we really to believe we can’t live within our means? With 83% of the government functioning as usual, are we truly in dire straits?

Obama and his minions used this “crisis” to their advantage, helped along as always by a subservient media. Not everything went the way they hoped, however:

Capt. Obama

The trashing of the WWII veterans was one of the biggest missteps the administration could have made. It highlighted the arrogance of those in power:

Get Off My Lawn

And all for a compromise—if one can call something this lopsided a compromise—that solved virtually nothing and will be replayed again in a few months:

Pull Him Free

Yet the administration/media theme will forever be the irresponsibility of only one party—the one that at least had some members willing to tackle the tough issues and put us on a path to recovery. If only the media had any integrity, they would be informing an ignorant public about the true source of most of the irresponsibility:

So Irresponsible

We’re back at square one. We’ll rerun this scenario again in the near future. I wonder what a united Republican party based on the principles Cruz and others enunciated would look like? What could it accomplish?

On Barrycades & the Fantasy of Obamaworld

Did you see pictures of what happened yesterday? Veterans groups descended on Washington, DC, and picked up and carried the “Barrycades” from the WWII Memorial to the White House. Here’s some photographic evidence:

Barrycades 2

Barrycades at WH

The second photo shows the “Barrycades” being deposited on the lawn in front of the White House. Looks like some people have had enough. This administration’s attitude toward veterans has become one of the lightning rods of this “slimdown.” As I’ve noted in previous posts, there’s no valid reason to close many of these memorials because they are open-air and require more people to police them when shut down than when they are open to the public.

There’s something else that has been shut down for nearly the past five years:


Then there’s the language that has been used by Obama and his minions against Republicans who have a different view of how the nation should proceed; they’ve been branded terrorists and hostage-takers, for instance. Overblown rhetoric, anyone?

Hostage Takers

Refuse to Negotiate

The president seems more than a little peeved that he isn’t getting his way. He may be running out of options:

Holding Your Breath

Yet despite his policy of making life difficult for everyone and his refusal to negotiate, public opinion polls continue to show more people blaming the Republicans for this impasse:

Won Again

Yes, it makes no sense. But then, quite often public opinion makes no sense, particularly when helped along by Obama’s subservient media. What’s it going to take to pop the bubble on this fantasy called Obamaworld?

Death Benefit Denial: Enough Is Enough

Of all the outrages being committed in the name of government “shutdown” this past week, perhaps the most disturbing have been those directed against the military. By now, we all have pretty well rehearsed the attempt to keep WWII veterans from their memorial. Barring wheelchaired veterans from visiting the memorial wasn’t one of this administration’s best optics. But it’s as if they didn’t really care how it appeared to the public. All they were interested in was inflicting pain:

Nice Shot

A couple days ago, however, an even more horrendous outrage came to the forefront: families of soldiers currently being killed in action were being denied death benefits, again ostensibly due to the shutdown. Apparently, the Department of Defense wasn’t sure about how to proceed, given the cutbacks, so it conferred with officials from the Justice Department. That was a big mistake. Our DOJ, still unbelievably suffering under the reign of Eric Holder, concluded those benefits could not be given to the families.

That didn’t seem to bother Chuck Hagel, our fairly new secretary of defense, who did nothing to challenge the ruling. Hagel, by the way, in his seven months at the helm, had never once gone to Dover Air Force Base to commemorate the return of the remains of our servicemen who died fighting for us. As news of the denial of death benefits began to spread, and as public anger over it spread as well, Hagel finally made his first visit to Dover on Tuesday when the latest dead soldiers arrived. Too little, too late.


Republicans in the House held hearings and blistered officials from the Defense Department over their action—or lack thereof. The House then passed a bill to ensure the families of those who died would continue to receive what they were promised. What was the response of the Senate and the White House? Harry Reid basically called it a gimmick and Jay Carney, speaking for the president, said there was no need to pass the bill, as if somehow it would all be taken care of magically some other way.

Fortunately, pressure on wiser heads prevailed. The Senate, with an indifferent Reid formally acquiescing, passed the House bill. Obama signed it late yesterday, even though he had said he wouldn’t. Look for him to take credit for it very soon.

Enough is enough. This administration needs to be called to account for a series of failures, missteps, deliberate falsehoods, and policies designed to turn America into a second-rate nation. The ideology of our elected leader is to blame. However, since he was elected, the real blame falls on the electorate.

The Shutdown, the Debt Ceiling, & the Media

I have to make a decision every day: do I follow the most pressing issue everyone is thinking about or do I stake off in a different direction? The last thing I want to do is be bound by what has everyone else’s attention, but there are times when it seems important to stay with one particular topic. So, once again, let’s concentrate for now on the shutdown/slimdown that’s dominating the news. This time, though, I want to connect it to the next upcoming battle—the debt ceiling.

I’ve used a couple of these posts to reveal the rather spiteful actions of the Obama administration as it curtails the public’s access to memorials, monuments, and even, in some cases, to their own homes, if located on federal land. We’re supposed to be in such dire straits that not even open-air memorials like the one commemorating WWII can be viewed.

Move Along

Yet yesterday, the administration gave approval for a protest held on the National Mall in favor of immigration reform/amnesty. A crowd dominated by illegal immigrants was granted access to an area that WWII veterans have had to fight for during the past week. So I guess the limited access is limited only to those who might oppose the president’s policies, not to those who promote them. How much did it cost the government to police yesterday’s demonstration? Arrests were made. Compare that to what it costs to police an open-air memorial that is normally without a police presence.

Shutdown Rules

This is all just part of the overall strategy:

Business as Usual

What has the mainstream media’s role been in all this?

Belongs on Donkey

That same media took part in a lovefest yesterday masquerading as a press conference. The president never once had to answer a challenging question. He could have stayed there all day spewing propaganda and false information without fear of contradiction. For instance, he not only doubled down on Republicans’ culpability for the shutdown, but declared that raising the debt ceiling wouldn’t add one dollar to the national debt. How does one get away with a statement as ludicrous as that?

Not High Enough

Everyone knows that raising the debt ceiling simply provides more room to increase spending, which will happen automatically. And what about the logic in the cartoon above? What if you tried that for your personal finances?

Personal Debt Limit

What makes this even more galling is that when he was a senator, Obama not only railed against—and voted against—raising the debt ceiling, but he cited the desire to do so as evidence of failed leadership:

Leadership Failure

We’re seeing political opportunism at its most despicable level. I now call on the mainstream media to do what it seems reluctant to do: commit a genuine act of journalism.

Shutdown Absurdities Illustrated

Yesterday, I highlighted the stunning actions of the Obama administration to make life as difficult as possible for Americans during this supposed shutdown. I think it’s important to reiterate that shutdown is a term that overreaches; with over 80% of the government still functioning, a more accurate word would be “slimdown.”

Cartoonists are now catching up with the absurdities I mentioned in the last post. For instance, in regard to monuments being closed off to the public, this seems appropriate:

Obama Monument

When alternative media try to draw attention to the intentional policy of “making life difficult,” we’re told:

Nothing to See Here

The attitude behind the closing of the WWII Memorial is captured well in this illustration of a proposed temporary monument:

Temporary Memorial

Our president is just so respectful of the military, isn’t he?

Then there’s our “leader” in the United States Senate who, flustered with a reporter’s question about funding the National Institutes of Health to help even one child with cancer, responded in a fit of pique:

Money Pit

Okay, I admit the second panel is not what he said, but it does reveal the sad truth.

Which of our citizens, by the way, seem to be most upset over this slimdown? While Republicans want it to end, and have shown their desire by passing eight bills in the House (which the Senate refuses to debate or vote on), others are wringing their hands, distraught over any disruption in government:


The difference seems to be that those who don’t depend on government for their sustenance, or look to government for their purpose in life, still have a life, despite what’s transpiring in Washington. The perpetually nervous are aided in their nervousness by the mainstream media, which appears to have a favorite in this standoff:


How has the media portrayed blame in this latest episode? The same way it always does:


Wake up, America. You’re not being told the truth. Again.