Hillary & the Seared Conscience

The Scriptures tell us how people can develop a seared conscience. It comes from committing a sin so often that, after a while, it no longer bothers the person committing the sin. The sin itself becomes part of that person’s character.

We see two outstanding examples of this phenomenon in both of our principal presidential candidates, but Hillary Clinton’s propensity for unremitting lying has been getting most of the attention lately . . . and shall I say finally?

Nearly every statement she has ever made about her e-mail server has now been publicly exposed as a lie. The latest revelations in the FBI notes when that agency interviewed her are that her people used what they hoped would be a super-strong program to wipe the server clean and that many of the phones she used were destroyed, sometimes simply by using a hammer.



Intimately connected with the server/e-mail lies are the lies associated with the now-infamous Clinton Foundation, the recipient of funds from people (some being foreign powers) who sought favors from the Hillary-led State Department, which is probably the reason for all the e-mail server secrecy in the first place:


But what has caught the public’s attention more recently was Hillary’s collapse as she exited the 9/11 ceremony early on Sunday. If you have seen the video, it is startling just how incapacitated she appeared, having to be supported wholly by others as she was practically thrown into the waiting van.

Eventually, the campaign said she was suffering from pneumonia. With all the stories circulating about far worse health issues, many are finding that explanation something less than believable. If she will lie about everything else, why not her health?


Whatever her real condition, one can gauge how serious it must be if one follows the Clintons’ history:


Perhaps the most amazing thing about the episode is the relative silence coming from Donald Trump. What happened to his Twitter account? Where are the usual insults and inane comments that his campaign has to clarify afterwards?


Those of you who thought you were getting someone who was not a “manufactured” candidate might have to rethink that assumption. The professionals are doing all they can to make him seem credible and normal. Give them a break; it’s a tough job.

When the Weird Becomes Normal

Bruce JennerLet’s get down to the basic facts here. Bruce Jenner is still Bruce Jenner. He may call himself Caitlyn, but he’s only given a man a woman’s name. He may look different now, but the changes to his sexuality are external only.

Neither is he brave or courageous for doing what he has done, no matter what ESPN decides. In fact, he is going with the flow now, since everyone in the elite circles, including his former wife and his children, are applauding his makeover. Let’s be honest: he will now make millions with a “reality” TV show.

There’s nothing courageous or real about what Bruce has done or what he has become. And I am not the least bit mollified that he calls himself a Republican; all that does is water down the traditional Republican values for which the party says it stands.

Rachel DolezalRachel Dolezal is white, not black. Her parents are Caucasian; she is Caucasian. She may want to “self-identify” with blacks, but she is not black. It’s one thing to align philosophically with a cause, but something else entirely to pretend, lie, and deceive—words that all mean the same, by the way.

If you go into her “story” even more, you discover she has concocted an entire mythology: she had to hunt with a bow and arrow as a child, she actually has a black father, etc.

Here are some more facts: when she was a student at predominately black Howard University, she sued for discrimination against her as one of the white students. Hmm, she apparently wasn’t always “black.” She also has claimed to have been threatened by racists, pointing to a letter she supposedly received in a post office mailbox. One problem: the “letter” had no postmark; it obviously was placed in the box by someone with a key to the box—Rachel Dolezal.

What we have here is someone living in a fantasy world. Yet she is allowed to explain herself on NBC’s Today show as if she is a rational person. She is living a lie; she is the epitome of a liar.

It’s not that I don’t have compassion for her, but she is not a victim of anything or anyone; she has made so many bad choices in her life that she has ended up where she is now. The delusion is self-induced and she is responsible for her behavior.

By the way, I can see a bright future for her as well on reality TV or some other venue.

Bruce Jenner and Rachel Dolezal: the new face of America? When the weird becomes normal, we are on the verge of cultural collapse.

Only a Biblical foundation to our thinking can reverse course for the culture. Those of us who still “cling to our religion,” as Barack Obama so artfully put it, are the hope for our future. We need to be about our Father’s business.

The Inevitable Hillary

The Hillary Clinton campaign is in stall mode, keeping her from the public and hoping that all the negative stories will somehow magically disappear. Of course, they have reason for hope, given the state of the mainstream media, but so far, it’s not happening.

The polls are rather disturbing for her, with one indicating only 25% believe she is honest and trustworthy. Frankly, I’m surprised she would poll that high on that subject. It’s really kind of laughworthy (if that’s a word) to see her running on the issue of restoring trust in government.

Restore Trust

For those of you who might be puzzled by the caption on that cartoon, let me remind you that at one time Hillary claimed to have been named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who was the first to climb Mt. Everest. The only problem is that she was born before he accomplished that feat. That was no one-time stumble; she has a long history of telling whoppers. Yet she says we should trust her.

Hillary Pinnochio

Her other big problem is the total artificiality of her interactions with ordinary Americans. Everything is staged. She seems to need instructions for how to talk to them.

Great Silver Bird

In her defense, we should keep in mind how difficult it is to descend from her lofty position and be forced to intermingle with those who work for a living. It’s a tough transition:

Completely Coincidental

The polls also show, however, that she maintains strong support from Democrats, with about 75% still in favor of her nomination. There is no question but that she will be the nominee this time, which might actually be the best scenario for Republicans. There is nothing inevitable about Hillary—except for continued scandals and lies.

The Comedy News Network

One more Brian Williams post, and then I’m done with it. For now. I think.

If I were a news anchor, watched and trusted by millions of Americans, and I totally made up stories about myself and the news I’m covering, do you think I should lose my job permanently? Yes, me too. However, NBC decided on a six-month suspension without pay. Really? How many Americans are foolish enough to watch someone again with that kind of track record? Or am I giving too much credit to Americans who continue to watch network news?

Fake News

You might notice that cartoon mentioned Jon Stewart in tandem with Brian Williams. Stewart is leaving Comedy Central’s The Daily Show—only a few years too late. How many have been brainwashed by him? It’s a different type of brainwashing because it’s billed as comedy, but it achieves the same purpose. At least he is on Comedy Central, not a supposed serious news organization with a reputation to uphold.


The news organization that boasts Chris—I get a tingle up my leg—Mathews and Al—I owe $4 million in back taxes—Sharpton, among others, is concerned about its sterling reputation? It’s just as much a comedy central as the one that takes the name officially.

So what is Williams going to do for the next six months?

Shut Up

Frankly, though, Williams is no trailblazer on the subject of making up things. The whole country has been receiving excellent tutoring on that for the last six years:


Isn’t there anything in the Constitution about suspension without pay? Perhaps an amendment is in order.

The Williams-Clinton Connection

Everyone (except, of course, most of the mainstream media) is still talking about the outrageous stories Brian Williams has told about his time in Iraq. There are other accounts circulating now as well, particularly about some of his claims of what he saw and experienced when he was on the scene for Hurricane Katrina. It appears that stretching the truth (the polite term for lying) may be a habit for this former (?) newsman.


Yet, because we suffer as a nation from a selective type of amnesia, most have forgotten a similar tall tale from the lips of Hillary Clinton. Running against Obama in the 2008 primaries, she recounted a scary landing in Bosnia back in 1996 where, as she remembered it, she had to run from the plane to avoid the sniper fire all around her. It was harrowing.

There was only one problem with her memory—that never happened. News crews accompanying her had no recollection of any such incident. There are photos of her receiving flowers from a little girl. Video shows her strolling leisurely to her next destination.

In other words, she was “stretching the truth, a la Brian Williams.”

Sniper Fire

She was forced to acknowledge her “faulty memory.” Yet this is the person who was then appointed as our secretary of state, where her tenure was filled with missteps (that’s another blog post someday). And now she wants to be president.

If we can’t trust Brian Williams, why should we trust Hillary Clinton? He only reads news. She wants to be the commander in chief.

I wonder what story we may hear next?


Should the unthinkable happen, and Hillary Clinton becomes the next president, at least Brian Williams will have hope for a new assignment:

Clinton Press Secretary

May the unthinkable never happen.

Return of the Phony “War on Women”

Politicians from all countries throughout all ages have lied. That’s nothing new. Neither is it unexpected. The power that comes with political position brings all latent arrogance/pride to the surface more easily perhaps than other professions. While lying is pandemic (one of the Ten Commandments forbids giving false witness), some politicians have taken the practice to a higher level.

Take the Obama administration and the Democrats as a whole, for example (you knew I was going there, right?). To what lengths are these people willing to go to maintain power? Harry Reid, on the Senate floor in the last election cycle, flatly stated that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes in ten years. It was patently false, but that didn’t stop him from declaring it. President Obama refuses to acknowledge one smidgen of corruption in the IRS affair. Everyone, including the president himself, knows that’s a whopper.

One of the biggest lies promoted in the previous presidential election was that the Republicans were waging a war on women. The proof? Why, they didn’t want to pay for contraception for everyone. A “poor” Georgetown law student who would soon be a lawyer raking in more money than most people ever see, was being discriminated against.

They now have decided that’s still a winner. The phony “War on Women” has been resurrected:

Falsely Claim

Also in circulation is the discredited statistic that women only make 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. That has been debunked on both the Right and the Left; it doesn’t take into account many other factors. Yet that hasn’t stopped Obama from making it the basis of his latest accusations:

Not a Myth

It’s rather embarrassing to trumpet a war on women using this approach when one’s own White House pays women less than men. Well, change that—this administration isn’t embarrassed by anything, not even loss of credibility:

Credibility Gap

Remember when Romney made a remark about having binders full of women? Although everyone knew what he really meant by that comment, the Democrats made a joke out of it, and used it as further evidence that women were on the periphery of Republicans’ interests. Perhaps there’s a better application of that phrase now:


The hypocrisy and outright lying on this issue is so blatant, I’m sure the mainstream media will pick up on it very soon. Sure. The same media that avoided reporting Obama’s remark about having visited all 57 states is not about to start being honest now. The rest of us are the ones who have to disseminate the truth. We need to be faithful in that task.

Clintonspeak vs. Obamaspeak

Keith Koffler, a veteran White House reporter who nows hosts the website White House Dossier, recently commented on the nature of the lies being told by the Obama team, from the president himself through his various cabinet officials and on down the line. He said,

God help us. And I used to think Slick Willie was bad. But nothing prepared me for this group. At least spin us the old fashioned way, you know—a little obfuscation, some misleading information, a nice pickled red herring.

DON’T JUST OUTRIGHT LIE TO US! I mean, where’s the artistry in that?

What he’s saying is that we’ve reached a whole new level of bald-faced lies. One of the greatest practitioners of that approach is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who went to the Senate chamber last week to deny that anyone is being negatively affected by Obamacare. In fact, he clearly stated that all the horror stories being told about it are “untrue.”

If you follow his logic, he’s claiming that all those people who have come forward to give an account of how they’ve lost their previous healthcare plans, how they’ve lost their doctors, how they no longer have the treatments they need for cancer and other life-threatening conditions—they are all lying. It’s all somehow a plot by the unamerican Koch brothers, the evil funders of evil Republicans. So we are to trust Harry Reid because he would never mislead us.

None Are True

After all, he has more clarity on this subject than those who claim to be experiencing problems:

Lying Eyes

I would be tempted to think Sen. Reid has lost some connection to reality if I didn’t believe this is all an orchestrated ploy, designed to convince that vast audience of apathetic, uninformed voters that everything is just fine:

Not Real

The root of the problem is lying, for sure, but not in the way Sen. Reid tells us:

Real Liar

It’s hard not to be thoroughly disgusted by the actions of Harry Reid. Yet he’s just one mouthpiece. Whether it’s Kathleen Sebelius, Eric Holder, Joe Biden, or President Obama himself, the words and attitudes are identical. We’ve gone beyond Clintonspeak, which was an attempt to cover up personal misdeeds; Obamaspeak is far more insidious.