Trump? We Should Know Better

I will attempt today not to vent my frustration but to have a calm, rational post about Donald Trump. For the past six-plus years, I’ve been distressed with the foolishness of the American voter overall for putting Barack Obama in the White House. That distress is almost equaled by the possibility of Hillary Clinton returning to that address. Yet almost as frustrating is the boomlet for Trump among potential Republican primary voters.

You all should know better.

Trump’s meteoric rise in the polls is astounding, to be sure. When asked why they support him, many are saying it has nothing to do with the issues but merely admiration for someone who speaks his mind so boldly.

Nothing to do with the issues? Is that how Republicans display their political/governmental knowledge?

Supporting a candidate should be based on two things: where he/she stands on the issues; the character of the individual.

Trump is a new convert to all the “right” side of the issues for voters angry with the path this nation is on under Obama. As I noted in a previous post, he historically has been pro-abortion, in favor of a government-imposed healthcare, soft on illegal immigration, etc., etc.

On the character side of the ledger, his many divorces, his superficial Christianity (which is the same as a non-existent Christianity), his tendency to say whatever just happens to enter his brain, and his incessant boasting about his wealth and his intelligence should send warning signals to all. He reminds me of the central character in this old tale:


When the fall comes, it will be disastrous.

I’m particularly distressed over evangelical Christians rushing to Trump’s side. Where is the discernment that is sorely needed for this upcoming historic election? Bruce Jenner (yes, I’m still using his real name because he is still a man regardless of his protestations to the contrary) says he is a Republican. Does that mean those of us who take Scripture seriously should look the other way because that puts him “on our side”?

Dream Ticket

A dream? No, more like a nightmare.

Then there’s Trump’s not-so-subtle insinuation that he had better get this nomination or else:

Be Nice to Me

If that should happen, we will have to endure another four to eight years of radicalism in the White House.

I sincerely hope the Republican electorate awakes from its stupor and begins to see more clearly. The outrage over the Obama years and the weak Republican leadership in Congress should not drive us to commit intellectual suicide. Voting primarily on emotion will be our downfall.

When the Weird Becomes Normal

Bruce JennerLet’s get down to the basic facts here. Bruce Jenner is still Bruce Jenner. He may call himself Caitlyn, but he’s only given a man a woman’s name. He may look different now, but the changes to his sexuality are external only.

Neither is he brave or courageous for doing what he has done, no matter what ESPN decides. In fact, he is going with the flow now, since everyone in the elite circles, including his former wife and his children, are applauding his makeover. Let’s be honest: he will now make millions with a “reality” TV show.

There’s nothing courageous or real about what Bruce has done or what he has become. And I am not the least bit mollified that he calls himself a Republican; all that does is water down the traditional Republican values for which the party says it stands.

Rachel DolezalRachel Dolezal is white, not black. Her parents are Caucasian; she is Caucasian. She may want to “self-identify” with blacks, but she is not black. It’s one thing to align philosophically with a cause, but something else entirely to pretend, lie, and deceive—words that all mean the same, by the way.

If you go into her “story” even more, you discover she has concocted an entire mythology: she had to hunt with a bow and arrow as a child, she actually has a black father, etc.

Here are some more facts: when she was a student at predominately black Howard University, she sued for discrimination against her as one of the white students. Hmm, she apparently wasn’t always “black.” She also has claimed to have been threatened by racists, pointing to a letter she supposedly received in a post office mailbox. One problem: the “letter” had no postmark; it obviously was placed in the box by someone with a key to the box—Rachel Dolezal.

What we have here is someone living in a fantasy world. Yet she is allowed to explain herself on NBC’s Today show as if she is a rational person. She is living a lie; she is the epitome of a liar.

It’s not that I don’t have compassion for her, but she is not a victim of anything or anyone; she has made so many bad choices in her life that she has ended up where she is now. The delusion is self-induced and she is responsible for her behavior.

By the way, I can see a bright future for her as well on reality TV or some other venue.

Bruce Jenner and Rachel Dolezal: the new face of America? When the weird becomes normal, we are on the verge of cultural collapse.

Only a Biblical foundation to our thinking can reverse course for the culture. Those of us who still “cling to our religion,” as Barack Obama so artfully put it, are the hope for our future. We need to be about our Father’s business.