Month: January 2015


Reaction to the president’s State of the Union address still rumbles. His true self was on display, promising the world while knowing there will be no consequences because nothing he promised will come to pass. And his snide aside, commenting that he won two elections, lowered the dignity of this address even more than usual. He keeps using the word “free” when it comes to all those promises. One gets the impression he thinks that’s how life is supposed to… Read more »

January 22, 1973: Let Us Never Forget

On this date, in 1973, the United States Supreme Court effectively ruled that abortion is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. Since then, approximately 57 million innocent lives have been taken. Many Americans have learned to “live with” these results, apparently numbed morally by the outright horror of an act that has cost more lives than anything done by Hitler or Stalin. We have been trained to think the human child is not a child. We have been schooled by… Read more »

Our Predictable President

Everything I predicted yesterday about the State of the Union speech came to pass. It’s not that I’m some kind of great predictor; it’s that this president is so predictable. The speech was mostly recycled from previous speeches. The tone was the same as previous speeches as well—supremely arrogant. It takes a lot of hubris to declare you’re going to veto a bunch of bills while simultaneously lecturing Congress on how to work with others. It takes equal hubris to… Read more »

“Free” College?

Do we really need President Obama to tell us what the state of the Union is? Well, he’s going to give us his views tonight in this annual ritual of meaninglessness. We already know what he’s going to say because the administration has leaked all pertinent information. In no way is Obama going to be conciliatory or striving to work with Republicans. This is going to be an in-your-face declaration of progressive warfare. Top of his list will be the… Read more »

If You Don’t Feel Safe . . .

The most important and vital duty of the United States government, and the main one sanctioned by the Constitution, is to protect and defend its citizens. For that to be operative, those who are temporarily placed at the head of the government must be able to recognize the threats and deal with them effectively. It is crucial that we have a president who can clearly identify the real threats, and not actually sympathize with the enemy. We are in a… Read more »

Lewis: On Honorable Wrinkles

C. S. Lewis’s letters to his American correspondents cover the gamut of topics. Sometimes, he goes into deeply Biblical issues, offering advice from his well of knowledge. Other times, he is more whimsical, but also with an air of wisdom that is hard to miss. To one of his regular correspondents going through some physical trials, he ruminates on the process of getting older. Maybe I’m drawn to this because of my own advancing years, but, for whatever reason, I… Read more »

Needed: A Republican Spine

The new legislative session is underway. President Obama, even before any piece of legislation was introduced, already indicated his staunch position of using the veto for nearly everything a Republican Congress wants to pass. Should that be considered a preemptive strike? The president doesn’t like the idea that Congress can have a say in things. That pesky Constitution just keeps getting in his way. His “Reagan Moment” is slightly different than the original: The Republicans, meanwhile, had their own little… Read more »