Month: December 2014

Back in 2015

I’ll be taking a break from Pondering Principles for the rest of this month. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop pondering; I just won’t be sharing what I’m pondering. Meanwhile, have a restful (yes, that is possible) few weeks and I’ll see you back here again on January 1, 2015. God bless.

Cartoon Potpourri

This will be my last blog post until the new year, so let me leave you with a plethora (look it up) of political cartoons to help tide you over. Whenever you need a cartoon fix over the next couple of weeks, just come back here. Let’s begin with a man who has made real news this year, probably the most honest man who has worked with the government (at least until he was put before a congressional panel to… Read more »

Righteous Judgment

So much of our culture and politics today is devoted to accentuating the differences among us. We concentrate on the outward—race, gender, etc.–and minimize the internal. We are a hypersensitive people who perceive slights and disrespect in innocent comments and actions. Speaking truth about individuals is dangerous if those individuals are part of a group that continues to harbor resentments and grievances, both genuine and not so genuine. Sometimes those who dare to speak truth are accused of being racist,… Read more »

Jesus, Aslan, & a Worried Child

What has impressed me tremendously as I read through the letters of C. S. Lewis to Americans is his genuineness. He takes time to respond even to those most of us would consider a bother. I’m now into 1955 in these letters, and at this point Lewis is getting a steady stream of them from children who are reading his Narnia books. One letter stands out. It’s actually written to the boy’s mother, who has informed Lewis that her son… Read more »

Our Blind Guide

President Obama, a couple of days ago, in a speech trying to justify his edict on immigration policy, brought the Bible to his side for support. I quote: “The good book says, don’t throw stones in glass houses.” Now, if you are biblically illiterate, that will sound good. The only problem—probably only a minor one in his mind—is that there is no such verse in the Bible. Before he was president, he gave another speech in which he drew attention… Read more »

Good & Evil: Democrat Version

The Senate Democrats have released their report on America’s enhanced interrogation techniques. Most of this was already known; the timing is somewhat suspect. The hypocrisy blatant. Sen. Diane Feinstein, the driving force behind the report, has now told all enemies that they don’t have to worry about how we treat them, and that we are totally “transparent.” The CIA is castigated in this report for using techniques that might harm known terrorists—people who want to kill more Americans. The reason… Read more »

Facts? Who Needs Facts?

I haven’t yet mentioned the now-infamous story that appeared in Rolling Stone (not exactly one of my daily reads) alleging that a freshman girl at the University of Virginia was gang raped at a fraternity. In response to the article, the president of UVA suspended all fraternities and sororities on campus. There’s only one problem: the incident never happened. Genuine journalistic reporting shows that none of the “facts” in the story aligned with reality. Rolling Stone has been forced to… Read more »