Going Backwards on Discrimination

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case has put racism back on the front page again, at least in the minds of some. One can argue, however, that it has never left the front page with the current administration. The Eric Holder Justice Department is setting a record of sorts by challenging a number of commonsense laws, from photo IDs for voting to Arizona’s attempt to stem the tide of illegal immigration. Yet it dropped a case of voter intimidation by the Black Panthers. Sources within the department say race is the determining factor for much of what goes on there.

I thought the election of a black president was supposed to lead us into a paradise of racial harmony. Well, not if you bring an aggrieved attitude with you into the office. All you do is fan those racial flames. I think we’re actually in worse shape with respect to race relations now than we were before Obama entered the scene. Charges of racism fill the air:

It’s not just a black/white thing, either. In what passes for higher education in our country, we see a strange sort of discrimination at work:

And if you’re a conservative who wants to be a professor at one of our institutions of higher learning, you may be in for a rough ride, as shown by an incident that has made the news lately. Discrimination comes in all forms when progressives are in control:

I write about double standards quite often. They are one of my pet peeves. Of course, they go far beyond peevishness; they are pernicious to the spiritual health of a nation. As long as sin abounds, they will exist; but we can temper their influence by insisting on judging people righteously, according to their character. I seem to remember someone who once said he had hope for a day when character, not the color of one’s skin, would be the determining factor for one’s worth. We’re going backwards.