Speaker John Boehner says President Obama “checked out” of being president quite a while ago. Instead, he has been in full campaign mode. He’s jetting around the country on Air Force One, paid for by the taxpayers, holding one rally after another. Of course, at every stop he schedules one event he can claim is policy-oriented. This provides wonderful cover for the real purpose of his travels. Why pay for campaigning with one’s own money when one can use the money provided by all Americans, regardless of political party? And everywhere he goes, the campaign strategy is pretty obvious:

This week, his choice of venue has been college campuses where he can talk about keeping the student interest rate low and blaming Republicans should it rise. Of course, this is a program that is now fully under control of the federal government rather than just guaranteed by the government—another takeover of the private sector, but one that didn’t get the same scrutiny as his healthcare ploy. As he talks to the swooning college audiences, he likes to use the “common touch,” which is really rather a stretch for him:

He seems kind of hooked on that “silver spoon” rhetoric:

Of course the silver spoon comment is directed at Romney—you know, the guy with all the advantages—while our poor, beleaguered president has to overcome tremendous financial obstacles:

I get worried when I see the rapture in the faces of those college students as he speaks. College used to be a place where one learned how to think. I didn’t see much genuine thinking going on. Will the emotion of “hope and change” carry the day again? Well, I’m certainly hoping for a change.