Month: July 2009


No pictures. No cartoons. Just a heart-to-heart today. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. First and foremost, I want my life to reflect His nature and character. Why? Because He truly did redeem me from a pit of my own making, and showed me His mercy (unmerited forgiveness) and grace (the power to do what is right). Politics and government are important to me, but only in the context of wanting to ensure that they manifest Biblical truths. I… Read more »

Leadership We Can Believe In?

Different, but related, thoughts today. First: The Senate Judiciary Committee has voted in favor of Sonia Sotomayor to be the next justice on the Supreme Court. Only one Republican, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, voted for her. Six of seven stayed true to principle. Her nomination will now go to the full Senate where every Democrat will vote for her, thus assuring her seat on the Court. How will she use it? She won’t change the balance on the Court,… Read more »

What Do Your Associates Reveal about You?

That’s a question that can be asked of any of us. As a Christian, I know I’m supposed to reach out to everyone. Jesus was criticized by the Pharisees for spending time with sinners. Please know that I understand that. I preface the rest of this post with those words because it’s possible some may think me a hypocrite by what I am about to say. But keep this in mind: there’s a big difference between associating with nonchristians for the… Read more »

A Learnable Moment

So, now that the Henry Louis Gates incident blew up in his face, President Obama has made a few pronouncements. First, he condescends to the lowly police officer who arrested Gates, willing to concede that he is a good man, neatly leaving his official indictment of the police force intact. One can still believe they handled things “stupidly.” Second, he has declared that what we have here is a moral equivalence episode. You see, BOTH sides went overboard. This conveniently… Read more »

American Character: Noah Webster

The name “Webster” sounds familiar to most people. They think for a minute and then say, “Oh, yeah, he’s the dictionary guy, right?” Right. But he’s more than that. Noah Webster is a prime example of someone who exhibits the character trait of diligence. A native of Connecticut  and descendant of Pilgrim governor William Bradford, Webster was raised in the Congregational church, graduated from Yale, and even was awarded a master’s degree—unusual for the time. In 1783, he got the nation’s… Read more »

Join the Conversation

Every now and then, I remind readers of this blog that you can participate in it. Just do a one-time registration (see the sidebar on the right) and your comments can be posted in response to my “musings.” I welcome civil dialogue on these important subjects.

The Healthcare Nightmare

As more people become acquainted with what the Democratic leaders really want to do with healthcare, the more they’re beginning to realize that this is not a dream being fulfilled, but a nightmare from which we might never awake. Let me illustrate: The more perceptive among us are starting to wonder where this will lead us: Do we dare follow the leader? Where, I wonder, did he ever get such an idea for healthcare? Yes, that does seem to be… Read more »