Day: July 9, 2009

The Truth about Palin's Resignation

Do you really want to know why Sarah Palin resigned? Here’s the best analysis I’ve read yet about it, and I believe it is based on truth. It comes from someone who has more knowledge of her than most people. Surprise: it basically takes her at her word. Why? Because this person believes her word can be trusted. Read it and see what you think.

Tell Me Again Why the Cold War Ended?

On Tuesday, President Obama spoke to some students in Moscow. He was talking about the end of the Cold War. Here’s his analysis of how it came to an end: Within a few short years, the world as it was ceased to be. Now, make no mistake: This change did not come from any one nation. The Cold War reached a conclusion because of the actions of many nations over many years, and because the people of Russia and Eastern… Read more »