Month: June 2009

The Bible and Homosexuality (Part I)

The first place we see homosexuality mentioned in Scripture is in the account of the judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah. Angels in the guise of mem arrive in Sodom and are invited to stay at the home of Lot, Abraham’s nephew. The homosexuals of the city demand that Lot send out the men for sexual relations. The angels/men make the homosexuals blind to break up the mob. When judgment falls on Sodom, God was also judging its homosexuality. We see… Read more »

The Sin that Dare Not Be Called a Sin

I believe that the Biblical worldview encompasses all aspects of life. I believe that all issues—whether political, economic, or social—are spiritual issues. Most Christians focus on what they call the moral issues when they get involved with politics, but I would like us to understand that all these issues are moral issues. We are always dealing with right and wrong. That’s why this blog doesn’t focus only on problems such as abortion. If you have read anything I’ve written, you… Read more »

Climate Change Report Suppressed by Obama

I just had to pass this on today. It appears that the Obama administration is not allowing a report that shows human beings have nothing to do with climate change to be released to the public. It would undermine the administration’s efforts to get its climate change legislation passed. The authors of the report were told in e-mails that the administration decided to move ahead with its “endangerment” message. You can see that report here, along with original e-mails from one… Read more »

Cap and Tax Bill

Rep. Henry Waxman—Sponsor of the “Cap-and-Trade” Bill The official name for the bill that passed the House of Representatives yesterday was Cap-and-Trade. A more accurate title would be Cap-and-Tax. In the guise of helping the climate, the House just put its stamp of approval on raising your taxes on every type of energy that you use. As candidate Obama stated while running for the presidency, his cap-and-trade plan would increase people’s energy bills astronomically. Why didn’t that statement get more play… Read more »

Place of Refuge

I hereby declare this blog a Michael-Jackson-free zone. Consider it a place of refuge for those who understand the real priorities in life.

No Moral Equivalence

There’s a phrase that historians know very well, used by some to describe the Cold War: moral equivalence. What they mean by this is that both the United States and the Soviet Union were equally responsible for the Cold War, and that there was no real difference between them morally. No difference? How many Stalins have we had? Yes, we have had our own holocaust (it’s called abortion), but in no way can you compare the two systems—a federal republic… Read more »

Let the Cartoons Speak!

I really do love cartoons with a message. Here are three today, the first dealing with President Obama’s plans for our healthcare: Last night’s infomercial on ABC could have used a little more of this kind of reality check. Meanwhile, Iran has been in the news—as usual. The election there has caused all kinds of turmoil. How can we know the votes were counted accurately? Now, doesn’t that make you feel more confident? As for the protests in the streets… Read more »