Month: August 2009

This Day in History: Escape from Long Island

On this date in 1776, the American Revolution almost came to a devastating end just a little more than one month after the fledgling nation declared its independence. George Washington was given the task by the Continental Congress to protect New York City from the British military. It was a virtually impossible demand. Washington had no navy; the British had the greatest one in the world. Washington’s army was an army in name only, without regular training and relying on short… Read more »

What Was the Ted Kennedy Legacy?

Ted Kennedy died of brain cancer yesterday. He was in the Senate for 47 years. As a Kennedy in Massachusetts, he was never seriously challenged for the position. Simply being a Kennedy assured him of a Senate job for life. Although nominally a Catholic, it was obvious he never took his church’s teachings to heart. Staunchly pro-abortion all his life, he was in the forefront of almost every liberal cause. His endorsement of Obama over Hillary Clinton in the 2008… Read more »

Christians and Muslims

While I have periodically commented on the War on Terror, until yesterday, I didn’t address directly the Muslim issue in our country. I want to continue that line of thought today. Christians believe there is only one way to know God, and that is through His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself stated that He was the way, the truth, and the life. He was God in human form, and only via His sacrificial death on the cross can mankind find its way… Read more »

Does an Islamic Threat Really Exist?

Rifqa Bary is a 17-year-old girl raised in a Muslim family in Ohio who has secretly been a Christian for 4 years. Recently, her parents discovered her new beliefs. Rifqa fled Ohio for Florida, fearing that her parents will kill her for her Christian faith. Is that really an issue? Rifqa believes it is. Her parents want her returned. It’s now in the courts in Florida. Rifqa has stated: If I had stayed in Ohio, I wouldn’t be alive. In… Read more »

American Character: John Witherspoon

He was the man who shaped the men who shaped America, yet few know anything about him. John Witherspoon arrived in America in 1768, enticed to leave his Scottish homeland by the offer of the presidency of a fairly new college called the College of New Jersey. Later, its name would change to Princeton. Witherspoon was a clergyman before he was an educator, but the two were always intertwined in his life. He took the fledging college, which started shortly after… Read more »

Weren't We Supposed to Leave Race Behind Now?

Having a black president was supposed to be the end of racial division in America. It was supposed to show that race was no longer an issue. Well, that hasn’t exactly occurred. But who is to blame for that? As Jonah Goldberg asks in his latest column, “What if America transcended race, and Barack Obama wasn’t invited?” He goes on to note, in his own style: “Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, liberal Democrats have to accuse their opponents of… Read more »

American Character: Samuel Adams

If Patrick Henry was the voice of American resistance to the policies of Great Britain, Samuel Adams was the organizer. His contributions to American independence are immense. Far ahead of his contemporaries, he believed that independence was inevitable. When others thought everything between the colonies and the Mother Country had been ironed out, Adams understood that the truces were essentially temporary peace arrangements. The problem, he knew, was that both operated from differing principles. To keep his fellow citizens informed… Read more »