Month: August 2009

The Beck Controversy

Glenn Beck, on Fox News, has been asking questions. He’s wanting to know things like, “Why did President Obama hire an admitted communist to act as ‘green czar’?” That’s just one of his questions, but they are all similar. In fact, he has been doing a superb job of highlighting both the beliefs and the actions of this administration that are antithetical to America’s form of government and its Constitution. What has he earned for this investigation? Outrage and a campaign… Read more »

About That Kennedy "Legacy"

The  most insightful and truthful commentary I’ve read about the legacy of Ted Kennedy can be found in the latest Mark Steyn column. I invite you to consider what he says. And the best illustration of that legacy can be found just below.

This Day in History: Escape from Long Island

On this date in 1776, the American Revolution almost came to a devastating end just a little more than one month after the fledgling nation declared its independence. George Washington was given the task by the Continental Congress to protect New York City from the British military. It was a virtually impossible demand. Washington had no navy; the British had the greatest one in the world. Washington’s army was an army in name only, without regular training and relying on short… Read more »

Policy Potpourri

What better way to illustrate what’s been happening on the policy front than to provide cartoon insight? Are you thrilled that the president is only going to tax the rich? Keep this in mind. Healthcare, of course, has been the primary political hot button all month. But perhaps we just don’t understand the proposed plan. Maybe some people are misleading us about its impact. Well, how about the War on Terror? What’s new there? I know I feel more secure already…. Read more »

What Was the Ted Kennedy Legacy?

Ted Kennedy died of brain cancer yesterday. He was in the Senate for 47 years. As a Kennedy in Massachusetts, he was never seriously challenged for the position. Simply being a Kennedy assured him of a Senate job for life. Although nominally a Catholic, it was obvious he never took his church’s teachings to heart. Staunchly pro-abortion all his life, he was in the forefront of almost every liberal cause. His endorsement of Obama over Hillary Clinton in the 2008… Read more »

Christians and Muslims

While I have periodically commented on the War on Terror, until yesterday, I didn’t address directly the Muslim issue in our country. I want to continue that line of thought today. Christians believe there is only one way to know God, and that is through His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself stated that He was the way, the truth, and the life. He was God in human form, and only via His sacrificial death on the cross can mankind find its way… Read more »

Does an Islamic Threat Really Exist?

Rifqa Bary: Is Her Life in Danger? Rifqa Bary is a 17-year-old girl raised in a Muslim family in Ohio who has secretly been a Christian for 4 years. Recently, her parents discovered her new beliefs. Rifqa fled Ohio for Florida, fearing that her parents will kill her for her Christian faith. Is that really an issue? Rifqa believes it is. Her parents want her returned. It’s now in the courts in Florida. Rifqa has stated: If I had stayed… Read more »