Making Homosexuality Normal

Indoctrinating the Next Generation

Indoctrinating the Next Generation

We’ve seen the Biblical view of homosexuality, and how it is clearly labeled a sin. Our society traditionally understood this until things started changing in the late 1960s (which is when a lot of things changed).

A “gay rights” movement began in earnest in the mid-1970s. The goal was to make homosexual activity seem as normal as heterosexual. No one could have predicted how successful this movement has become.

Here’s how it was accomplished:

  • First, make the issue one of civil rights for an oppressed minority (connect it with the black struggle for civil rights)
  • Second, change the perception that homosexuality is a choice; make it instead into a genetic disposition (some people are just born this way)
  • If the two points above are accepted, then the homosexual “lifestyle” will be transformed into simply another type of lifestyle on the same plane as heterosexuality

My response:

  • This is not a civil rights issue. There is no similarity between “gay” rights and black civil rights. One’s skin color, race, or ethnicity is not a matter of choice. You either are black, white, or something in between just by birth.
  • We need to reaffirm that homosexuality is a choice made by people who reject the way God created them. Even the American Psychological Association, which made a big deal out of saying people are born homosexual, has recently revised that belief. Why? Studies have not been able to confirm it. The big lie is that 10% of all people are naturally homosexual. That statistic comes from Alfred Kinsey’s “studies” (I use the term loosely) in which his test group was largely criminals. He had an agenda, and it fit nicely with the new gay rights agenda.
  • This movement desperately wants homosexuality to be genetic because it then lets them off the hook. No one can be accountable for something over which he has no choice. Bottom line: it’s an attempt not to have to answer to God for their depraved actions.

Our culture is awash in homosexual acceptance. It’s difficult to find a TV show without either a sympathetic homosexual character or positive statements about homosexuality’s normality. Culture leads politics. Now politicians have jumped on the bandwagon as well. Even conservative commentators rarely touch this issue. Most of them aren’t sure about it because they don’t have an essentially Biblical foundation for their conservatism.

And when you have a president who pushes for the agenda, not merely tolerates it, you have a recipe for a tidal wave of change in the public’s perception. Tomorrow, I will talk about what President Obama has done to promote the big lie.