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The New Gideons

Had dinner last night with some friends I hadn’t seen in 34 years. How can you not see people for 34 years and be friends? First, and foremost, we share the same hope in Christ. That makes us friends forever. Second, we share a common concern for this nation. By the time we had finished catching up on the last 34 years, we settled on the topic of the future of the country. I have to say we were pretty… Read more »

Finney: Directness

Charles Finney was a very direct preacher. He didn’t hold back on anything. If he believed the congregation to which he was speaking was resisting God, he said so. To do that kind of thing nowadays would be to invite open rebellion and loss of pulpit in most places. Yet Finney’s approach led to numerous awakenings of solid Biblical faith. Wherever he went, controversy followed. One story from his autobiography I find both amusing and sad at the same time:… Read more »

Finney on God’s Sovereignty & Spiritual Revival

Charles Finney, in his Revival Lectures, takes aim at those who just sit back and wait for God to move on men’s hearts. No, says Finney, God expects us to use all the means available to impress His truth on men. Here’s how he puts it: A revival is as naturally a result of the use of appropriate means as a crop is of the use of its appropriate means. I wish this idea to be impressed on your minds,… Read more »

Starting a New Year with Ronald Reagan

On this first day of a new year, I’m not going to say too much. Instead, I’m just going to let Ronald Reagan encourage and challenge you. I believe standing up for America also means standing up for the God who has so blessed this land. We’ve strayed so far, it may be later than we think. There’s a hunger in our land to see traditional values reflected in public policy again. To those who cite the first amendment as… Read more »