The New Gideons

Had dinner last night with some friends I hadn’t seen in 34 years. How can you not see people for 34 years and be friends? First, and foremost, we share the same hope in Christ. That makes us friends forever. Second, we share a common concern for this nation. By the time we had finished catching up on the last 34 years, we settled on the topic of the future of the country. I have to say we were pretty much of one mind in thinking the future is not bright.

Just consider what has occurred since Barack Obama has taken office: the open acceptance of homosexuality in all of society, now being forced upon us by the courts; an attack on Christian organizations through Obamacare, attempting to make them offer abortifacients; the overall denigration of Biblical morality and the demonization of those who continue to hold up that standard; the overreaching arm of the federal government delving into our lives in ways only hinted at previously; one scandal after another, seemingly without end.

Can this be turned around?

GideonI’ve been reading in the book of Judges. Yesterday and today, I’m looking at the Gideon episode. He was God’s chosen man of the hour, yet he was hesitant and fearful. He had reason to be. His nation was dominated by another and multitudes of his own people had voluntarily chosen to abandon faith in the one true God and had turned to the idols of other nations. The situation appeared hopeless. But then God showed up. I won’t go into all the details, but if you know the narrative, you know that a minority overcame the majority and the tide was reversed.

The Gideon “revival,” if that’s the proper name for it, didn’t last much beyond his lifetime, but it did provide a breathing space and slowed the spread of sin. Upon reading this once again, I’m reminded that the Lord only needs a committed minority to accomplish His purposes. The only real question is whether new Gideons will arise who remain committed to the task He has given. He never promised it would be easy or simple. He never promised we wouldn’t face persecution and ridicule for our stand. He did promise, though, His presence and spiritual reward for those who stay faithful.

Can we reverse what’s happening in this nation? I wouldn’t write this blog or teach or do anything if I didn’t think it could make a difference. Even if I only touch a few lives, those lives can then touch others. We won’t know all the good we did until we stand before Him and see the fruit of our labors.

Gideon’s revival didn’t guarantee Israel would continue to receive God’s blessing. Our efforts can’t guarantee this nation can be saved from its current depravity. Yet we never know how much can be accomplished unless we try. I believe the Lord still looks at the hearts and strongly supports those whose hearts are wholly His. Who knows what He might do if we remain stalwart guides into His truth?

Where are the new Gideons?