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Mueller’s Report & Partisanship

In the world of politics, the big day is tomorrow. That’s when the Mueller Report—with redactions—will be released to the public. Until now, all we’ve had is the four-page summary written by Attorney General Barr, and all it seemed to accomplish is polar-opposite reactions. Republicans jumped on the conclusion that there was no collusion by the Trump campaign with Russia. President Trump, in one of his multitude of tweets, declared, “No Collusion, No Obstruction, Complete and Total EXONERATION. KEEP AMERICA… Read more »

Journalism Today

If you’ve paid any attention to what I write daily, you have to know my opinion of modern journalism is pretty low. Unlike some critics, though, I don’t really believe that there was ever a time when journalism ranked high on the truth-and-objectivity scale. Being a historian has allowed me to analyze past journalistic approaches. Most of the time, there always was an agenda for any newspaper or other means of communication. Political parties hired their own editors and published… Read more »

Obama vs. Ryan

Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has gone where few congressmen have dared to tread—into the thicket of budget/entitlement reform. Ryan has proposed a bold plan for revamping the way Congress handles its financial responsibilities; he calls it “The Path to Prosperity.” In it, he tackles most of the weighty problems of our massive debt and tries to show a way out of it without raising taxes. His path leads to energizing American entrepreneurship and significantly reducing the debt over the… Read more »