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Income Inequality, Faulty Reasoning, & Bad Policy

We’re hearing a lot of talk again lately about income inequality. President Obama, in what I believe is an attempt to take the focus off the failure of his signature healthcare law, has come out swinging against those who succeed too much. The impression he wishes to leave is that the reason some are doing poorly is because others are too successful. This is an old ploy. It goes back to Karl Marx, at least, who theorized that the rich… Read more »

A Historian’s Perspective on Bad Times in American History

I don’t think there’s really any disagreement about how pessimistic the majority of Americans are about the future. Currently, all the polls reveal that pessimism.  As I survey the scene—the spiritual/moral, political, and cultural aspects [what does that leave?]—I have grave concerns as well. I plan to expound on those concerns in tomorrow’s post. But for now, I’d like to offer a historian’s perspective. Since I teach American history, I have a more in-depth knowledge of what has transpired previously…. Read more »

Why No Recovery? Here’s the Answer

Last week, the president attempted to explain why the economy hasn’t recovered yet. First of all, that’s interesting, simply because the summer of 2010 was officially dubbed “Recovery Summer.” Hmm, what happened to that? Obama said there are headwinds against that recovery, and then went on to blame gas prices and problems in other parts of the world—anything but his own policies. That phrase—bumps on the road to recovery—gave the cartoonists a lot to work with: I didn’t need to… Read more »

The Continuing Economic Woes

Writing about the poor economic situation of the country has become a staple for me. It’s not that I want to continue to write about it; it’s just that it doesn’t improve. That’s not a surprise—the policies being followed by this administration guarantee this result. All one who knows history has to do is look at the 1930s, realize we are on the same path [albeit worse and more ideologically bound], and that the policies of the 1930s never got… Read more »

Reagan's Political Conversion

What happened to change Ronald Reagan from a New Deal liberal into a conservative icon? My latest posting on Big Government tells you how it happened. They made it the feature story for the day. You can find it here: http://biggovernment.com/asnyder/2010/07/17/reagans-political-conversion/#more-144614 Most of the posting is an excerpt from my book on Reagan and Whittaker Chambers, which I just finished writing  recently. I’m looking for a publisher now. Prayer would be appreciated.

A Chambers Dialogue

Last weekend, I posted on the Big Government site about Whittaker Chambers and his view that the New Deal was indeed a revolution. I was surprised to receive a comment from Chambers’s grandson—disagreeing with that view. Our dialogue on the issue turned out to be good for another posting, so if you’re interested, go to  http://biggovernment.com/asnyder/2010/05/27/a-whittaker-chambers-dialogue/#more-125358 As you will see, I don’t accept his perspective, but it was instructive and beneficial to think it through. Hope you find it to… Read more »

New Big Government Posting

The Big Government site has just posted my third offering. If you would like to learn why Whittaker Chambers [one of my favorite people] thought the New Deal was a true revolution, go to the following URL: http://biggovernment.com/asnyder/2010/05/22/whittaker-chambers-the-new-deal-as-revolution/#more-123278