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The Dominion of New England: Tyranny Averted

I’ve been periodically presenting glimpses into American history, and have been writing about the Pilgrims and Puritans for quite some time now. There’s a lot to say. I’ve analyzed the Christian roots of the colonies they started (primarily Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, with Rhode Island added in) and have pointed to both the high points and low points of their development. In the 1680s, those colonies, along with New York, faced a threat to their original goals. The new king,… Read more »

How Did Puritans View Government?

We’re talking about Puritans in our ongoing trek through American history in this blog. As I mentioned in last week’s post about them, there is this stereotype that is difficult to reverse. But I hope I showed that not only were they earnest in their faith, but that they understood the concept of a covenant with God in which they needed to love one another. Were the Puritans always faithful to that covenant? Did they always treat each other in… Read more »