Our Blind Guide

Nashville Immigration SpeechPresident Obama, a couple of days ago, in a speech trying to justify his edict on immigration policy, brought the Bible to his side for support. I quote: “The good book says, don’t throw stones in glass houses.” Now, if you are biblically illiterate, that will sound good. The only problem—probably only a minor one in his mind—is that there is no such verse in the Bible.

Before he was president, he gave another speech in which he drew attention to a passage in the book of Romans that detailed various sins like homosexuality. His conclusion? That was an obscure passage that we need not take seriously. The apostle Paul surely would have disagreed with that interpretation. The carefully constructed argument he was using to show man’s depravity and how we reject the most basic law of God written on our hearts was not an obscure point: it was the crux of the whole need for a Savior.

What should one expect from a man who sat under the preaching of Jeremiah Wright for twenty years in a church that doesn’t qualify to be called a Christian church at all?

Bottom line: our president is no Bible scholar. In fact, when it comes to the essential elements of the Christian faith, he is way off base in doctrine, in morality, and in the worldview that true Christianity inspires.

Jesus warned, “If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.” And yes, I checked; it’s really in the Bible.

The “pit” is where we have been led for the past six years. If you’ve been following this blind guide, it’s time to find the Real Guide who can show you the way.