Good & Evil: Democrat Version

The Senate Democrats have released their report on America’s enhanced interrogation techniques. Most of this was already known; the timing is somewhat suspect. The hypocrisy blatant.

Sen. Diane Feinstein, the driving force behind the report, has now told all enemies that they don’t have to worry about how we treat them, and that we are totally “transparent.”

We Have Feinstein

The CIA is castigated in this report for using techniques that might harm known terrorists—people who want to kill more Americans. The reason for enhanced interrogation, by the way, is to elicit information on upcoming terrorist attacks. The report says this didn’t work; the intelligence community, including President Obama’s current head of the CIA, says it does, and that attacks have been stopped as a result.

Which is more wrong, forcing a terrorist to tell what he knows or allowing plans to go forward that will kill hundreds, perhaps thousands, of innocents?

By the way, all those who were interrogated came out of their interrogations alive. The number of those who have had to endure such interrogations is small. Most of the terrorists we’ve rounded up have been sent to Gitmo, where they are given Korans, special meals to accommodate their religious beliefs, and recreational activities.

This administration says it’s awful to interrogate, but there’s no problem sending a drone to take out terrorists, despite the collateral damage. Isn’t there something at least a little off-base in that comparison?

Kill with Drones

Further, this report doesn’t include any interviews with those who were involved in the interrogations to find out exactly what went down. It’s all drawn from paper reports without any human intelligence input from the experts who designed and carried out the programs. One could say this report lacks human intelligence on the part of the Senate Democrats.

Cherry Pick

Liberal logic has always befuddled me. It’s wrong to harm a terrorist, while allowing him to live, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with permitting—even abetting—the slaughter of millions of innocent children in their mothers’ wombs. The hypocrisy sends a stench up to heaven.

The prophet Isaiah could have been writing about our political leaders:

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.