God Save Us

It is now confirmed that another American has been beheaded by ISIS. Peter Kassig, a former Army Ranger who then became an aid worker in Syria, is the latest Westerner to die trying to help people in dire need.

ISIS then released a statement saying that it intends to bring the war to the streets of America. Is it an idle threat? Not in their minds. And if we dismiss it as fantasy, we will regret that cavalier response.

Too many of us continue to live in our own personal fantasy about the Islamic worldview and its hostility toward those who are considered infidels. Sadly, that personal fantasy extends into the White House, which still calls the massacre at Ft. Hood an example of “workplace violence.”

The progressive elite, from Obama on down, have never come to grips with reality on the crucial issue of stopping terrorism—from their policy of open borders without constraint to the tepid response to ISIS.

One cartoonist has captured this bizarre worldview quite accurately:

Terrorist Community

Relationship Issues


Romantic Troubles

God save us from the experts. God save us from our current rulers, who think citizens devoted to the Constitution are a bigger threat to the nation than those who are out to kill us. “God save us” is not a cliché, but an earnest and honest prayer.