Thoughts on the Syrian Bombing

Just a few thoughts today, now that we’ve begun bombing ISIS targets in Syria.

ISIS Control Map

First, good, in the generic sense. It’s well past time to act. We should have undercut this terrorist organization a long time ago instead of allowing it to grow and fester.

Second, I’m glad to see that some Arab nations are helping. The extent of that help is still unclear to me, yet, if for no other reason than self-interest and survival, they need to be on board.

Third, since I have no confidence in President Obama’s willingness or inclination to see this through to the end, we must pray that the goal is accomplished despite him. He will have the tendency to say something is completed when it is not. Then the problem will arise anew.

Fourth, even if successful, this does not bring the terror threat to any kind of a halt. It has many heads and tentacles. Truly, we must stay vigilant, and there’s no commitment to that vigilance in our government at the present time.

Fifth, let’s be real about why Obama decided to go ahead at this time. This action allows him to appear strong against terrorism. He hopes that will change the trend in the upcoming elections, as Democrats now may look more attuned to the nation’s security. Don’t be fooled; this is probably a political move as much as it is a strategic one for national security reasons.

Sixth, unfortunately, what he has done is unconstitutional. He has no authority from Congress to do this. Under the Constitution, he needed to get congressional approval for any long-term military action, and be assured, this will be long-term. The resolutions following 9/11 apply to Al Qaeda only, not to ISIS. He could have received that approval last week while Congress was in session. He deliberately waited until Congress adjourned so he could act unilaterally. This is simply another in a long string of decisions made by bogus executive authority.

So, in conclusion, while I sincerely hope this leads to the destruction of ISIS, I am forced to say that I have grave doubts that it will do so, despite the hoopla surrounding the startup of the bombing campaign. Bombing alone won’t accomplish the overall goal. Further, the president has acted unconstitutionally and primarily for political reasons. We need to keep all these factors in mind as we go forward, and as we think about the momentous decisions to come in November.