Our Foreign Foreign Policy

For most of the Obama tenure, the focus of critics has been on his domestic policies primarily, although The Great American Apology Tour was noted and decried from the start. From his abysmal attempts to jumpstart the economy to the imposition of the bureaucratic nightmare of Obamacare, this president has demonstrated his ideological blindness and his incomparable incompetence. Both of those features have now come to the forefront in his foreign policies as well. Which is worse? They appear to be about equally awful:


The Syrian crisis has garnered most of the headlines recently. From that foolish “red line” statement that he had no intention of enforcing, to the bluster of threatened air strikes, to the ignominy of congressional disapproval of his proposed actions, to the Russian brokering of the Syrian promise to turn over their chemical weapons, this whole episode has been embarrassing for what once was the world’s superpower. Who really believes this crisis has been solved? Well, maybe he does:


And with the truly unique talents of John Kerry as our Secretary of State, why should we ever worry?

What Could Go Wrong

When Vladimir Putin took to the op-ed pages of the New York Times to thumb his nose at Obama and America in general, we may have hit a new low. Yet when Putin challenged the concept of American exceptionalism, he wasn’t the first to critique that notion; he had an excellent example to follow:


I want to be sure, though, that we never forget one of the most reprehensible actions of this administration. The media tries to pretend it’s a non-story, but it needs to stay in our consciousness until it is resolved:

One Year Later

At least there is one consistent theme throughout the Obama years—one thing we can always count on:

 Engulfed in Scandals

But that’s not the kind of consistency we need.