The “Dangers” of Homeschooling–Part Three

We now come to the end of our listing of the ten top reasons not to homeschool. The final two are in the same vein as the first eight. Let’s throw in a financial factor first:

Most Expensive

The price tag for government schooling keeps rising. But of course we are always assured this is “free public education.” Why free? Because you don’t have to pay tuition. Yet if it costs thousands to educate one child, that’s hardly free. It’s a semantics game built on deception. The expense is really quite substantial—much more than the cost of homeschooling. What a wonderful setup. Those who choose to homeschool also have the privilege of paying for a system they don’t want or use.

Last of all is this:


A parent can’t be too careful. I mean, why would you want your child to be so different?

Actually, I can think of manifold reasons for developing “different” children. I just want to take this opportunity to salute all those dedicated parents who are not averse to shouldering the responsibility for educating their children. It’s not easy, but the rewards can be great.