Losing Our Minds–Part II

As I said yesterday, I’ve been meditating on just how foolish we have become as a people. It’s as if our common sense has left us. Another area where this foolishness is on display is with this new round of gun-control mania. New York passed new legislation making it the strictest state against gun ownership, but California is now making a run for the title. According to a recent article, Democrats there have unveiled a new package of legislation that even goes so far as to allow potential confiscation of the state’s 166,000 legally registered semi-automatic rifles.

All of this has been pushed from the top, of course, with Obama’s Biden-led commission. Yet it’s all based on the assumption that guns are the problem, a typical assumption from those who don’t recognize the real problem—the sinfulness of man. External “solutions” don’t solve internal problems. And there are all sorts of contradictions and hypocrisies to point out, such as . . .

Even in the wake of the Newtown killings, there is resistance to posting armed guards at schools. What if teachers could defend themselves? Would a shooter think twice about carrying out his deed? Or would political correctness prevail?

Right now, mass murderer Christopher Dorner is loose in California. Would a disarmed populace feel safer or more threatened in this circumstance? Do I really have to answer that? Have we lost our minds to that extent? There’s a popular picture making the rounds on Facebook that makes the point quite succinctly:

Why is it so hard to understand that criminals don’t really care that a legislature just passed a law putting more restrictions on gun ownership? Every time one of those laws passes, they rejoice. Every time one of those laws passes, we are less safe. You don’t need a Ph.D. to figure that out.

Tomorrow’s topic: immigration.