Heroes vs. Famous Faces

Two big events in Washington, DC, this week. The first was the presidential inauguration; the second will be the annual March for Life on Friday. The first got a lot of coverage; the second won’t get nearly as much. Yet the second event is far more significant spiritually. While the inaugural address gave lip service to the ideal of the right to life as stated in the Declaration of Independence, the March for Life is the public face for those who actually believe in the ideal.

Gone are the days, at least for now, when a president would address the crowd gathered to speak out for the unborn and others, such as the elderly and the debilitated, whose lives are no longer considered valuable to society. Instead, we get a self-congratulatory and arrogant speech meant to divide the nation even more, and that refuses to face reality.

There will be more heroes in that crowd on Friday than stood on the platform on Monday. The former are unknown to most of the populace, while the famous faces get to bask in an artificial glow of adulation.

God is the final judge. Many who are considered first in this life will be last; many who are considered inconsequential now will shine throughout eternity. The aborted children have their place before the Throne. Those who promote abortions will have their own place, but it won’t be in the presence of the One who gave them life.

As we reflect on the inestimable gift of life with which God has graced us, may we stand strong for those who are defenseless against the slaughter. May we be counted faithful even when the odds seem to be hopeless. May we do our part to awaken the nation to the horror it has blithely accepted as normal.

God sees our efforts, and He rewards those who persevere—if not now, surely in eternity.