The Giglio Saga: The New Intolerance

This week was the first time I had ever heard of Louie Giglio. It’s the first time many Americans heard his name, but now, for those who pay attention to the news, he has become prominent. Here’s why he ought to be prominent: he is a Christian leader whose ministry just drew 60,000 young people to Atlanta for the dual purpose of worshiping God and helping to end the abominable practice of human trafficking—the slavery of our age. He ought to be admired widely for his love of God and man.

Yet that’s not why he’s known by most.

Giglio was invited to give the benediction at Obama’s inauguration. Now he has been disinvited. The reason? He believes homosexuality is a sin. When a sermon he once preached on the subject came to light, the Gay Rights Political Machine went into action. Suddenly, he was a “hater.” And the worst fear of all? He might actually believe in the “dangerous” idea that a homosexual can stop being homosexual. You see, the whole gay rights agenda is based on the unsubstantiated, unscientific, unbiblical wishful thinking that homosexuality is not a choice. One is born that way. If it is a choice, it is a moral issue for which one may be held accountable—and no one can be permitted to teach or preach that message. The homosexual lobby has been effective. According to Christianity Today, only 37% of Americans now believe homosexuality is a sinful behavior, down from over 40% just one year ago.

I’ve read Giglio’s response to this episode. While I would have taken a stronger stand in a statement and reiterated that homosexuality is a sin, he certainly has not apologized for his basic Biblical beliefs. He seems to be someone who seeks to reach out to everyone with the love of Christ, which I respect. I can only hope he hasn’t modified his views over time. Those who know him can speak to that. I cannot.

What this does reveal, though, is how far we have fallen as a society. We used to have a Biblical framework for our thinking; that has eroded over the last century, little by little, but that erosion is now occurring at a faster pace. The abyss awaits.

While the Giglio story got a lot of attention, another story did not, and it’s a further indication of the loss of moral foundations. New figures were released regarding the activities of Planned Parenthood. The organization set a record this year with more than 333,000 abortions provided. Adoption referrals constituted only 1% of its “business.” Mammograms, zero percent. The worst part is that we all helped pay for it since Planned Parenthood also received more than $500 million of taxpayer funding—eagerly and vociferously supported by Barack Obama.

But what has dominated the news cycle? Proposed limitations on legal gun owners who have never harmed anyone. We are a society with views and priorities seriously askew.

The foundations must be rebuilt.