Jack Kemp

Champion of Supply-Side Economics
Republican Visionary

Jack Kemp—former pro football quarterback, congressman, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, vice-presidential candidate in the 1996 election—died yesterday of cancer.

 If anyone was a face for the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s—besides Ronald Reagan, of course—it was Congressman Kemp. Champion of the concept of supply-side economics, which posited that if you reduce tax rates you increase incentive, productivity, and revenues simultaneously, Kemp worked tirelessly and joyfully for America’s economic salvation. He was also solid on what conservatives like to call the “social issues” such as abortion.

Kemp attempted to wrest the Republican nomination from the heir-apparent in 1988, George H.W. Bush, but fell short. He was my candidate that year. I truly believed he had the vision and the policies that were most likely to continue what Reagan had begun. I still believe that.

Although he was no longer serving in government, he remained active in the world of ideas, prodding his Republican party, and the American people in general, toward genuine prosperity based on sound principles. A voice like his will always be missed.

While I cannot speak with certainty with respect to his relationship with God, I have reason to hope that today he is with his Savior.