National Day of Prayer

Yesterday was a national day of prayer. One bit of news from yesterday was that President Obama declined to participate in the annual prayer breakfast. While that may be disconcerting because it breaks tradition and sends a signal that he doesn’t consider it that important, I am not as disturbed by it as you might think.

Bill Clinton made a show of always appearing at such events. I also remember how each Sunday he provided a photo op coming out of church carrying his Bible. That was hypocrisy of the highest order. I’m almost relieved that Obama didn’t do the same. Let’s get a true measure of the man. The only “church” he’s ever been part of was Rev. Wright’s liberation theology/black nationalism/despise America church. At least by not appearing at the prayer breakfast, President Obama did not put on a false mask.

I attended the prayer breakfast here in Lakeland. Sometimes these events can be pretty staid and stale, more civic responsibility than reality. I was pleased, though, that this one was genuine. Lauren Dungy, the wife of Tony Dungy, former NFL coach, offered one of the most poignant and directed prayers I have ever heard at a prayer breakfast. It cut to the heart of the nation’s needs. She even petitioned that God would change Obama’s heart on the issue of abortion.

The speaker, pro golfer Brad Bryant, gave a moving personal testimony, and was quite up front with the need for our country to turn back, not just to some vague God-concept, but specifically to Jesus Christ. His heartfelt plea moved most of the audience.

The closing prayer actually included the words [paraphrased, since I don’t remember them exactly], “Lord, bring President Obama to know Your salvation through Jesus Christ.” That would shock many, I’m sure, who believe the president already is a Christian. I was glad that the closing prayer clearly acknowledged that conversion has not taken place in his life.

For those who read this blog regularly, please do keep in mind that even though I criticize Obama, my criticisms are for the purpose of alerting people to the truth about his beliefs and policies. And yes, I sometimes aim at his character as well. I see no need to shrink from that. Yet I do desire that he change: repentance and forgiveness are offered to everyone. I have no hatred for the man, even when I cry out against his actions. What a wonderful testimony of God’s grace if he were to turn from his ways and begin to follow the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Meanwhile, don’t be fooled by outward shows of piety. Faith without works is dead. Any faith that doesn’t reverse policy on abortion, same-sex marriage, and other moral issues, is not the real faith. See the world, and Obama, with clear eyes, recognizing the reality while continually praying for God to change hearts.