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Lewis: God & Chocolate Easter Eggs

I think I’m doing what C. S. Lewis wanted readers of his Reflections on the Psalms to do: I’m reflecting. He provides such good material for reflection as he shares insights in this little book. For instance, he refers to how the psalms always talk about seeing the beauty of the Lord, yet it’s not the Lord directly that the typical Jew saw, but rather the rituals in the Temple or some other aspect of the outward symbols of God’s… Read more »

An Eternal Perspective

There are times when one “goes to church”; then there are times when one enters into a type of worship that provides a taste, even a glimpse, of what eternity may contain. I had that experience last night—one of those moments when the veil of this earthly existence is lifted to some extent, and one can feel what it might be like to be standing in the assembly of the redeemed, pouring out their love, gratitude, and appreciation for the… Read more »

Finney: All Nature Praises God Except Man

I first read Charles Finney’s autobiography decades ago, and it made a tremendous impression upon me. As I’ve been highlighting Finney’s writings each Sunday, I’ve had the opportunity to delve into his autobiography once more. I’m finding accounts that I had forgotten were there. For instance, shortly after Finney’s conversion, he began getting up early in the mornings for prayer, and he pulled others into that circle. Apparently, these times of drawing close to the Lord in the mornings opened… Read more »