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Poignant & Understandable

I’ve mentioned before that I’m reading the Bible through in The Message version. This is certainly different than what I’m used to, and sometimes I question its choice of wording, but there are other times when it comes across in a much more poignant way than other versions. Take, for instance, this passage from Luke, chapter 6, which is part of the Sermon on the Mount. See if these words don’t hit home: But it’s trouble ahead if you think… Read more »

Reading “The Message”: Seeing Scripture Anew

I like reading varied translations of Scripture, just to get different takes on how a passage can be understood. Until recently, I’d never looked at The Message version. I’m sure there are some who shrink in horror from something so colloquial, but I stop and think: how might Jesus have come across to the people of His day? Could it be more like this? For instance, here’s The Message from the gospel of Matthew, the 16th chapter—a quite familiar passage… Read more »