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On Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is not just the fourth Thursday in November, as dictated by the government. For Christians, every day is one of thanksgiving, even when our circumstances tempt us to think we have little for which to be thankful. Whenever we give in to that temptation, we erect an obstacle to the flow of God’s blessings. Stop and think. No one is immune from difficulties; the difference is God’s presence in those difficulties. It’s from that perspective that I offer thanks… Read more »

The Thanksgiving Lifestyle

I spent most of my Thanksgiving Day by my wife’s hospital bed. She had an unexpected surgery the day before. The normal reaction is to say that’s not the way to spend Thanksgiving, and I would agree. Yet even in the midst of a trial, we should never lose sight of the many ways God has revealed His love and mercy throughout our lives. How does one measure the value of God’s forgiveness? What price tag can you put on… Read more »

Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation

Abraham Lincoln issued a Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1863 that started the national holiday. Keep in mind that he issued it in the midst of the most horrible war ever fought on American soil. Yet he wanted the nation to remember all the blessings God had bestowed. Lincoln wrote all of this own speeches and proclamations. He had a way with words. In my Civil War class, we examine a number of his speeches, and students come away impressed with his… Read more »